Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sleaze-Blogger E.D. Kain Reaches Pinnacle of 'Conservative' Blogosphere! Simultaneously Linked by Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson!

This has to be one of the greatest moments in my blogging career!

The inimitable sleaze-blogger E.D. Kain, erstwhile neoconservative and publisher of the now-defunct political webzine Neoconstant, has broken the final barriers of obscurity to capture the highly-coveted Conor Friedersdorf Wannabe Award for Faux-Conservative Punditry!

The award goes to the biggest gasbag to follow in the footsteps of
Conor Friedersdorf, the Andrew Sullivan myrmidon and closet leftist who's jonesing to single-handedly nuke the entire American right-wing, from Sarah Palin to Mark Levin to Rush Limbaugh.

The honor is bestowed on those rare occasions when a nominees's work has been recognized for its supreme anti-right-wing smear-mastery by none other than
RawMusleGlutes (the Daily Dish, now esteemed as the blogosphere's "nerve center for news from the Iranian street"); and King Charles of Little-Green-Libel-Lizard-Land (and now self-proclaimed expatriate from the "Birthers, creationists, climate deniers," etc.).

Looking at this
Memeorandum screencap, we see that both mental cases have linked to E.D., the aspiring slander-master at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen, and his post, "Conservatives as Self-Parodies":

I do recommend E.D.'s post, if for nothing else but the butt-freak arrogance that's dribbling off the page like a milky load of Andrew Sullivan's spooge. E.D. ridicules Andy Schlafly, the no-name publisher of the unread Conservapedia, with supreme self-importance:
I really am spoiled reading the conservative writers that I do read at the Scene and the Porch and Pomocon and the other little pockets of intellectual conservatism remaining.

Hey, can't be TOO spoiled now can we (can't be too rich or too thin either, as they say)?!!

The "Scene" is the insider's shorthand for Conor Friedersdorf's blog (no doubt the blogosphere's equivalent to William Buckley's National Review in the early days!). Absolutely no familiarity with the "Porch" (but my guess is "Front Porch Conservative"), and "Pomocon" is the Post-Modern Conservative over at First Things.

But there's more:

It just makes me throw my hands up in the air. I try too hard to retain the word “conservative” – to hold on to some other sense of its meaning, some other definition that the American right has no hold over. I have great admiration for the paleocons, but I would never really fit in even with that idiosyncratic bunch. I’ve tried to come to terms with the idea that the movement can be changed for the better but I’m beginning to doubt myself even there. The invention of the modern Tea Party only reveals how deep the fraud runs.

In the end I’m just at a loss. I see less and less hope for the American right however much they bellow and bluster to the contrary. I don’t even mean this in terms of electoral hope. I mean this in terms of salvation.
How deep the fraud runs? And the "tea parties"? Has E.D. ever attended a tea party? I can guarantee you there's more intellectual vigor in one good tea party sign than all the bulls**t bluster being spouted at all the "po-mo" websites I've cited on this page:

And E.D. Kain's an intellectual mountebank and an ideological imposter. I'd say a yellow-bellied backstabber as well, but I've covered that ground before. See, "Sleaze-Blogger E.D. Kain Interviews Despicable Libel-Blogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs."

Click the link above. More of the lowdown on E.D. Kain, po-mo-prick-in-arms to the wannabe right's libel-blogging contingency.


M. Bouffant said...

That's "expatriate," Mr. College Professor.

AmPowerBlog said...

Malignant Bouffant: Thanks man! Even us lowly conserva-bloggers need an editor once in a while!