Saturday, April 3, 2010

Comrade Repsac3: Racist Commissar of State Security, People's Commissariat for Internet Affairs?

Folks might recall Comrade Repsac3, Commissar of State Security, People's Commissariat for Internet Affairs.

Now, I saw this coming some time back, but didn't say anything because I thought it minor: Turns out Comrade Repsac3's been attacking me as "Halfrican-African." I guess Rush Limbaugh used the term to attack President Obama. But it's a term I don't endorse and have never used at this blog (although I like Rush, and I don't think he's
a bigot).

That said, if "Halfrican-American" is really racist, why is Repsac3 trying to smear me with it? I thought progressives were all about decency and tolerance? I guess not. Basically, Comrade Repsac3 thinks that it's somehow okay to attack me as "Halfrican" while at the same time suggesting it's a base, vulgar term. And note that Repsac3, in this context, is not being snarky: According to leftist logic, he's attacking my ethnic identity, and this out of spite and hatred, spewed under the cover of a collateral Limbaugh smear. Now that's disgusting. And for what? I don't ideologically identify as black, unlike some bloggers, such as Ta-Nehisi Coates (whose entire schtick constitutes black-self-loathing socialism).

But that's not all: I've known this about Comrade Repsac3 for some time, but because I'm not one to flinch from the attacks and smears -- capitulating to the left's totalitarianism -- he's become a deranged stalker who hosts a blog just to demonize me and who cruises the entire Internet to attack me in various comment threads.

When Patrick at Political Byline
responded to me a month or so ago, Comrade Repsac3 followed Patrick over there to spray his bile:
Anyone who’s spent time at AmPow knows what I think of Douglas’ politics… …but even putting that aside, he’s kind of a douchebag, as your post here so aptly shows. He has no understanding of sarcasm, and has yet to learn that he is not the center of the universe. He gets kinda cranky when someone doesn’t see things his way, and all too frequently lashes out, just like he did to you…

When it comes right down to it, I feel sorry for him...
And this morning the Comrade left this filthy comment at my blog:
Leaving all the ego and personal vitriol of post and comment aside, I wonder whether the folks who believe that Dr. Douglas cannot speak or act in racist or bigoted ways because of his heritage also feel the same about "full blood" minorities (Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan), or even others of mixed heritage, such as President Obama...

And even if one does believe that no black man or a "halfrican" (thanks, Rush) can be a bigot toward other black folks, what is it that prevents such a man from behaving as a bigot toward hispanics, Muslims, Christians, gay folks, Jews, or women?

Dr Douglas may or may not actually be a bigot--folks can read his words, and decide for themselves--but the argument that he can't be, because he himself has minority blood--whether made by him, or by those who would defend him--doesn't hold water, at least as far as I'm concerned...
See that? Attacking me as "Halfrican" while simultaneously attacking my alleged "bigotry." Orwell would be proud.

But there's more at
TNLib's hate-master site, where Comrade Repsac3 hijacked the thread to issue a long screed alleging how awful I am compared to "good" conservatives:

Perhaps I shouldn't bring this up, but I'm surprised you didn't speak up in defense of our evil, hateful, jihadi, "seething toxic dump of leftist hatred," tnlib over at Don's place...

While you didn't exactly toss tnlib under Don's bus, it might've been nice had you made it more clear that those sites with the name-calling and vitriol didn't include Parsley's Pics, in your opinion...

I'm sorry if you think this query rude, but after reading your generally reasonable replies on sites like this one-- Douglas labeled "hate site" The Swash Zone and Truth101's place come to mind, immediately--I've taken to wondering how you walk that fine line between Donald Douglas considering you a blog buddy and he and his thinking you an evil nihilist collaborator for actually treating folks with whom you disagree with common decency and respect.

While I disagree with your politics, I for the most part think you a fine fellow, but I do kinda wish you'd speak your mind more clearly when Donald engages in these attacks on the individuals and blogs you visit pretty regularly, whether in agreement with him or otherwise...

(Two bits well spent, after waiting entirely too long... Unless there's a comment in need of reply, that itch is scratched, and I'll say no more on the subject...)
I could go around all day and find posts that Comrade Repsac3's hijacked for nothing more than the smears. I don't read the comments at Right Wing News, where I'm a guest blogger, but the Comrade goes to town over there as well, for some damned reason, another example of the hated.

And that's not even mentioning American Nihilist, Comrade Repsac3's own blog, where representative entries are entitled, "
Why Donald Douglas is a Scumbag."

This is what these people do: They use race as a cudgel to harass constitutionalists and traditionalists as "God-bagging racist homophobic Nazis." Meanwhile, out of the other side of their mouths, they mount the most vicious sexist, racist attacks of their own -- and the media gives them cover. It's an upside down world. So, I called out the Comrade
at my post this morning (with corrections in bold italics):

Repsac3: You can quit with the racist allegations. First, nothing Swash Zone alleges is true, so forget that. And what I've written on my own blog is politically incorrect, but in no way bigoted.

As you know damned well, I love all people of all colors, races, religions, etc. I attack people on ideological grounds.

Finally, to keep attacking me as "Halfrican" IS racist. Show me where I've endorsed Rush Limbaugh's use of "Halfrican," or where I've ever attacked Obama as "Halfrican."

In sum, the bigotry is found in your desperation to get the goods on me. And you and your SWASH ZONE hordes are all about hate, as I've shown in this post on TNLib.

This is not really something I would have written about today, but considering all the recent manufactured smears against conservatives as "racists," this one needs to be put to bed.

See also, Blazing Cat Fur, "
When It Comes To Hate-Speech And Violence, Liberals Rule":

"In the past 11 years of writing op-ed columns from a conservative pro-life perspective, I've received mail that is so vile that when I submitted some to a magazine relating my experiences after criticizing jihadists, I was told it was too strong for their readers. I've been called a bigot, a homophobe, and every obscene female name in the vernacular. Someone even set up a Face Book page branding me a bigot." ...

[Violence toward outspoken conservatives by liberal thugs is much more common but not widely publicized. Why was Sarah Palin's church in Wasilla, Alaska, set on fire with a church group still inside? Republican Gov. Rick Perry saw the Texas state mansion firebombed and destroyed in June 2008. Californians who were for Proposition 8 were viciously targeted for assault by militant gay rights advocates. One man in Modesto Calif., Jose Nunez, 37, was brutally assaulted outside his church where he was passing out "Vote Yes on Prop 8" stickers.]


Same same everywhere...


P.S. According to my Sitemeter, someone at Zoner's Scratchpad's written an entry called "
DD's Magic Wand," with an April date. As you can see, it's gated. Lord knows what's being said about me at that place.

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