Monday, April 5, 2010

Karl Rove for the Census? You Better Think!

One could argue that it's for the good of the nation. And in this case, that'd be saying a lot, considering how the administration's turned the census into a $14 billion vote-buying alien-amnesty boondoggle. And that's not to mention the recent attacks on Rove, such as the genuinely demonic "citizens' arrest" from President Obama's Taliban liaison Jodie Evans. But it's come to this? "Karl Rove Appears in TV ad for Census" (via). Say it ain't so, Karl:

Actually, Karl better think:

Here's the real deal, at WSJ, "Republicans Fear Undercounting in Census."

But hey, "lefties love the bipartisanship"!


Old Rebel said...

What's so surprising? Rove is a creature of DC, a ghoul who lives on other people's taxes and thinks of nothing but power.

C'mon -- did you really think Bush would have anything to do with a small-government conservative?