Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama Is Not the Antichrist!

Well, geez, that's a relief.

From Newsweek, "
Obama Is Not the Antichrist — And Nobody Really Thinks He Is."

I guess Harris Poll got a lousy survey sample, you know, unrepresentative and all that. See, "
'Wingnuts' and President Obama."

I checked Harris' methodology, and the poll's "preselected." Not good. Besides, from what I gathered, the White House did without
magical bloody Jesus eggs for official Easter festivities (although Obama nevertheless botched the online Easter address).


Image Credit: Serr8d.


science fiction writer said...

I have little doubt regarding his socialistic leanings and that he has a favorable view of Islam (Submission). He has stated that Muslims should be allowed to come to America and practice their religion as they see fit. However, he forgets that Sharia Law violates Western Civil Law, especially in the human rights arena.

He signed an executive order giving Interpol unrestricted power in the United States. It’s obvious his goal it to weaken America on the world stage and relinquish our superpower status to the UN and other international powers. In addition, he favors excessive government intrusion into the lives of Americans to rectify what he perceives as unjust. (He’s not empowered to make these decisions.)

World leaders think he’s a joke. That’s why even a slug such as Hamid Karzi tells him to piss off in a public forum.

His propaganda apparatus—aka the Chicago political mafia—acts in quite the same manner as Hitler’s propaganda machine. Goebbels used movies as his primary propaganda venue. Obama uses the left leaning MSM and Hollywood.

The Gates incident reveals his views on race. Claiming he did not know the full story, he blamed the white police officer.

If he wants to fundamentally change America, wouldn't that mean he doesn't like America and thus is anti-American?

A recent CBS poll indicated a whopping 60-70% think he is a failure.

One could write for days about his numerous mistakes and shortcomings, but time is limite