Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Topless (Post-Colonial?) Feminists: Now That's My Kind of Protest!

Geez, I've been covering the wrong protests!

At the Portland Press-Herald, "
Marching for Fight to Bare Breasts, Women Faced With Sea of Cameras: The Picture-Taking Bothers the Event's Organizer, Who Says Partial Female Nudity Shouldn't Be Remarkable":


About two dozen women took a walk down Congress Street topless Saturday, attracting a large crowd as they tried to preach that partial female nudity is not worthy of attracting a crowd.

The point of the march was that a topless woman out in public should attract no more attention than a man walking around without a shirt on, said Ty MacDowell, 20, of Westbrook, who organized Saturday's event and promoted it on Facebook.

But as the event got under way in Longfellow Square, the marchers were soon outnumbered by scores of onlookers -- mostly young men eagerly snapping away with cameras and cell phones.

MacDowell said she was surprised by the turnout of those interested less in challenging societal convention than in seeing partially undressed women.

"I'm amazed," she said, and "enraged (at) the fact that there's a wall of men watching."

MacDowell said she understood that for women, going topless in public "is not socially acceptable yet, and obviously there's going to be a reaction to something that breaks the norm."

But, she said, the picture-taking was particularly upsetting.
Hey, wait a second? This lady's mad people looked? But she wanted people to look, and then turns around and says "that's upsetting"?

Boy, you just can't win with today's lefties!

(Or, as Rick at Wizbang concludes, "
Ms. McDowell is an idiot.")

Also, interestingly, I heard back from radical feminist Charli Carpenter yesterday in my post on Alaina Podmorow, although post-colonialist Laura Sjoberg, riddled by her own preposition placement problems, snarked nevertheless:
... Charli Carpenter and I are, of course, not the same person, intellectually or personally; and that the 13-year-old kid American Power quotes could teach the blogger a fair amount about polite, respectful critique and perhaps even grammar).
Umm, I did kinda conflate Charli and Professor Sjoberg together, although while my blog-side manner may have been lacking, my grammar, well ... not so much.

EXIT QUESTION: Will Professor Sjoberg loosen up in response, or will our dowdy dumpling do a grammar-check once more?

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