Sunday, May 2, 2010

Firedoglake Attacks Racist White 'Nativist' Xenophobes

It'd be hard to find greater contrast. From Astute Bloggers, "LEGAL IMMIGRATION? YES! ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? NO":

And then compare to Firedoglake (via):
This new "education policy" in Arizona is right out of the history of Fascist Europe. Immigrants – in particular a specific category, Hispanics – are being scapegoated for the State’s problems, demonized, and purged.

I can do nothing to change what the people and government of Arizona have done, but I will never forget what I am seeing, and I will never forgive Arizona for it. They have taken in my perception the dubious Blue Ribbon County Fair Prize for being the most irredeemably racist, xenophobic people in the country gathered together in the most un-American state in the Union.

There are just no words strong enough to condemn these people or what they are doing.