Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey, I Just Found Out About India Reynolds!

I somehow bumped into Rachel on Autostraddle a while back, while blogging about Elena Kagan. And I was thinking about Rachel upon reading Robert Stacy McCain's post just now, "Lesbian Elena Kagan Will Be Nominated by Obama; Gayest SCOTUS Evah!" When I wrote on Kagan's sexual orientation in April the post got picked up at Autostraddle (or I picked up Autostraddle) and then came a follow up, or something. Anyway, Rachel writes a "tumblelog" at "Another Country," and following the links there takes us to "You're a Man Damnit." And that author has an obvious thing for India Reynolds (and click the "previous entries" tab while you're at it). Unfamiliar with this beauty, I check Google, and up pops an India Reynolds page at Egotastic! And I stop there. It's Monday morning and this is Friday night material. Folks might as well check out Linkiest or Theo Spark's, or Homocidal Maniac for that matter. And come to think of it, I haven't linked TrogloPundit's for a while, so let's see if he's got some India Reynolds automotivators up his sleeve.

And just think, all of this because folks think
Elena Kagan is lesbian!