Thursday, May 6, 2010

Illegal Hispanic Immigration Undermining American Values

PREVIOUSLY: An April 5th essay, from Walter Rodgers, "Illegal Hispanic Immigration is Undermining American Values":


Santa Barbara, Calif.

Walking the sandy beachfront in this ultra-affluent city, I chanced upon two Hispanic men rummaging through the trash. Startled at the sight, I stared momentarily. One of them yelled at me, “You look now, but in 50 years we will own all this!” Given the tsunami of illegal immigration and the prolific Hispanic birthrate, I responded, “I believe you will” ....

Committing national suicide is not without precedent. The Dutch are rapidly losing their country. Before long, its largest cities will belong to Muslim immigrants. What then becomes of the liberal tradition of Erasmus and traditional Dutch tolerance?

Illegal immigration may ultimately be more threatening to the character and values of the US than any threat from radical Islamists. It’s not about tribe; it’s about the law.
Image Credit: Youth for Western Civilization.


Rusty Walker said...

Arizona Latinos, Hispanics and Mexicans that I know are outraged at the influx of illegal aliens. They see the new AZ initiative as merely enforcing laws already on the books.

The state and federal government, which includes the hapless-Napolitano, were negligent regarding the unsecure order. The past has included avoidance tactics from the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. All have neglected proper attention to a dangerously open border. Sealing the border is possible, but it has been too politically-charged a commitment. The Liberals want the Latino vote, so they alarm and incite by using typical racist accusations to stir up public opinion. This is not about legal immigration of decent Mexicans who will make productive citizens. It is about illegal immigration. The Republicans complicate the matter because in the past they have tacitly aligned with businesses that take advantage of the cheap labor.

The unnecessary focus on political agendas confuse the facts. What many non-Arizonans are either unaware of, or ignoring, is that it is the infusion of criminals that now is the primary concern for Arizona. We see the visual image of a Mexican family, a respectful illegal alien that works in a landscaping company, who just wants to make a decent living in the United States. This image draws a great deal of sympathy from idealists missing the point. While this picture is a reality in California and Arizona, it nevertheless is not the fundamental issue. The core concern is the porous border that serves as a convenient route for Mexican drug cartels, the predatory Mexican-based gangs, kidnapping (AZ leads the states in kidnapping) and resultant prostitution rings, and the pursuit of drugs and drug money. All this has brought new violence to Arizona.

The unfounded accusations towards Arizona of “police state” and “anti-Hispanic” sentiments with regards to the new law are politically motivated. It is not a state addition to existing Federal law, as Obama suggests. The law simply allows enforcement of existing law. It does not allow racial profiling, or unjustified search and seizure. The law conforms to constitutional rights. The citizens of Arizona are not against Mexicans, they just want the laws enforced to protect law abiding citizens. This includes Mexican-Americans.

juancalcala said...

@Rusty Walker...
While your comment may seem logical at first glance, I see that you definitely align with a particular mindset. You mentioned that "in the past, republicans aligned with buss. who promoted the exploitation of cheap labor"... It's not in the past Rust, the republican party makes no bones about their unconditional support to their wealthy donors who fund their campaigns year after year; and yes this includes corporations who knowingly hire and exploit undocumented immigrants. The law in Arizona is racially motivated. Any police office can pull you over for any reason if they really want to -we all know that. The problem is the "criteria" that they use to question your legal status in the country after they pull you over. So what's the criteria for questioning your citizenship? The color of your skin? The fact that you are speaking Spanish to your friend in the passengers seat? Many people forget that there are many White illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe. Do they get a free pass because they do not "look" illegal? I speak perfect Spanish and if an officer questions my citizenship status simple because I am speaking Spanish to my co-pilot I will tare him a new one. Oh, by the way, I do not know what "legal" Mexican-Americans in Arizona support the law... I have not met one yet...