Friday, May 14, 2010

Lars Vilks Update: Muslim Mob Chants 'Muhammed, Muhammed' After Beating

Update on Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who was viciously attacked while speaking at Stockholm's Uppsala University. (Extensive report at Bare Naked Islam, "SWEDISH artist attacked by savage Muslim pigs.")

Here's Jawa Report's captioned video with the aftermath, ten minutes long, which shows the bloodthirsty Islamists going wild:

RELATED: "Vilks website hacked as cyber hate grows."

And via Atlas Shrugs, "
Lars Vilk: al Qaeda Won't Stop Me":

Added: AOSHQ links with, "Plans Announced To Erect Islamic Culture Center On Lars Vilks' Decapitated Body."


Jordan said...

I'm defiantly not one to be lecturing others on how to practice their religion, but that entire crowd is full of clean shaven, modern dress wearing, sans hijab men and women. Is the new, Western-raised Islamists like the hardcore urban Protestants that practice cafeteria Christianity? Pick and choose what rules they follow and what rules we're all supposed to follow? Looks like.

Anonymous said...

yes ,Jordan, they look just like the 19 WTC cowards, the London subway bombers and pretty much every mu-slime attacker since.

Anonymous said...

I wish these 7th century pig f*****s would go back where they came from. I'm sick of them soiling my free society.

Dennis said...

I'll state once again, I am amazed at the Lefts' inability to think and comprehend what they read. Is it any wonder that many on the Left believe the drivel they espouse.