Friday, May 14, 2010

Marisa Miller Harley Davidson Summer 2010

Picking up from the other night, here's "Marissa Miller brings her brand of sexy to motorcycles," and "Marisa Miller: Harley Hottie." And see especially, "Marisa Miller: Harley Davidson Summer 2010 Campaign":

Plus, The Daley Gator, "The DaleyGator’s top 25 babes of all time." And of course, Theo Spark (from last night), "Bedtime Totty..." (and be sure to click here and enlarge ... this woman is wonderful).

BONUS: R.S. McCain's been posting all kinds of
hot election coverage, and our good fellow Sir Smitty's gearing up for some epic weekend roundups.


Philippe Öhlund said...

Great video Donald!

Marisa Miller is hot! :-)

Philippe Öhlund said...

In my latest post I refer to your post on Lars Vilks, since someone tried to burn down his home today.

Have a great weekend, Donald! :-)