Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ron Gochez, Santee High School Social Justice Teacher, Sets MySpace Profile to 'Private'

Hey, American Power gets results!

Ron Gochez,
coming under scrutiny across the web, has "privatized" his MySpace page:


But while keeping his underage "tribe" under wraps, he's got some additional mamacitas over at the DEFEND PUBLIC EDUCATION! MySpace page. It turns out the commie reconquista types there are pushing to Make California a Sanctuary State!:

A society whose state resources are expended to break up families and tear mothers and fathers out of the hands of their children must be saved from its own moral depravity.

Millions of immigrants work, live and go to school under a cloud of fear every day in California - fear that federal immigration officers will drag off one of the people they love. The rank inhumanity of that policy is becoming clear to more people. The mainstream media has begun to tell the real story of families being split up and torn apart by the raids. Churches across the country have joined the sanctuary movement.

More and more municipalities throughout California have recognized officially what is increasingly obvious to millions of people: immigrants, irrespective of official status, play an integral, indispensable and overwhelmingly positive part in our state, and in our nation economically and socially. The cities across California and across the country that have officially declared themselves as sanctuary cities are simply recognizing a practical reality of modern economic life. The new civil rights movement stands at the front of the effort to achieve sanctuary status for cities and states all over. Our movement and organization stands at the front of the effort to stop the anti-immigrant raids.

People who are a contributing part of the society are citizens, regardless of where they come from, what forms they have filled out, or what government office they have waited in. The attack on Mexican and other Latin American immigrants is just bigotry and racism. The corrosive effect of having a section of people in a society with separate, unequal and inferior legal rights is unacceptable. The new immigrant rights and civil rights movement will fight and defeat any attempt to impose an inferior double standard of rights on immigrants.

We demand full and equal rights for all immigrants. We demand an end to the raids. We demand that California become a sanctuary state

And sheesh! These radical protest organizations just sprout like weeds. See, "The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)."

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Cargosquid said...

Yep. Stop breaking up families. Send the kids back with the illegal parents. And if the spouse is an American, they can go too, if they don't want to be separated. We need to get clarification on the 14th Amendment about the definition of citizen.

Anonymous said...

Santee High School should fie Ron Goches...he's a racist.