Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Typical: 7th Grader Slammed for Drawing 'Offensive' American Flag

The initial background story is here, "Salinas 7th Grader Draws U.S. Flag; Teacher Calls It 'Offensive'." Although in a subsequent report the Salinas Californian downplays the controversy as allegedly "baseless." See, "Salinas schoolroom flag flap may be baseless: Superintendent defends his patriotism." I'll note first, given the hostility to traditional values around so many schools these days, thank goodness for Taryn Hathaway and her mother (see, Teacher Slams Flag Art, Praises Obama Picture"). That said, Calvin Frieberger, deconstructing the Salinas Californian report, pretty much nails it, "California Screamin’: Another Educator Is Offended by the Stars & Stripes."
Chalk this one up as yet another school district caught in the grip of an establishment that values leftism over learning and casually scorns the values and concerns of the community’s parents, viewing them instead as the ignorant rabble, little more than revenue sources to keep their bureaucratic boondoggles afloat. The same scene has been repeating itself in thousands of schools across the nation for years—it’s way past time for America to say “enough.”


CWrtiter said...

Wow that is just absurd. Thanks for posting this, cause I hadn't heard about this yet. if people are so offended by the American flag, leave america. No one is forcing you to be here.

KAHUNA said...

Typical teacher sadly. Similar issues everywhere. I think teachers have failed at their jobs when their political views become evident in the class. Curious as to why teachers name and background was left from story? God Bless America offensive? Thank GOD for Fox News. Won't see stories like that from other networks.