Friday, May 7, 2010

You Can't Be Serious! Elisabeth Hasselbeck Forced to Apologize for Tame Erin Andrews Joke?

It's to the point that the Erin Andrews peep video scandal is "The Crime Whose Name Shall Not Be Uttered." It's especially verboten to make any suggestion that Erin Andrews apparently cares not one whit about her previously-criticized "playing to the frathouse" image. She is a beautiful woman, yes, but she's a sideline reporter in the testosterone-packed sports media, so it seems appropriate at some point to ask at what point does Andrews bear some responsibility for her image?. And I'm not talking about last year, before she was violated. The point is that perhaps post-scandal she'd play it cool with her wardrobe style. I wrote about the sexiness earlier at "Erin Andrews on Jimmy Kimmel." So it's a kick to see that Elisabeth Hasselbeck and I are on the same page. Only now it turns out that Barbara Walters may have forced an apology on "The View" star. Talk about political correctness. See, "Was Elisabeth Hasselbeck forced to apologize for Erin Andrews comments?"