Monday, July 13, 2009

Are You Getting 60,000 Unique Visitors Every Month?

Well, are you?

The New York Times reports on Colleen Padilla in Philadelphia. She runs a blog portal for the stay-at-home demographic,
Classy Mommy. Some sample posts? "Cozy Coupe Car," and "Boogie Wipes":

Boogie Wipes, created to solve the problem of wiping the crusty & runny noses of toddlers and preschoolers, are truly an innovative product invented by two Moms. Last week I had the privilege to interview Boogie Wipes Founders, Mindee and Julie to learn more about their biz. Truly, these one of a kind saline wipes are designed to encourage kids to deal with the nose wipe instead of running in the other direction. Moms love them and sales of these buggers have taken off as Moms struggle with boogies on a daily basis.
Hey, as a husband of a professional mom, and a fully-involved father who just this morning took his youngest son to the summer school bus-stop (looking on wistfully as the bus rolled off, not unlike Tom Hanks at the conclusion of Forrest Gump), I have to take exception: There's a market for sexist blogging?

Calling Judith Warner! Ms. Padilla's not getting with the program!

And not only that, as
the Times points out, Ms. Padilla's blog "attracts 60,000 unique visitors every month."

That's pretty good, but not that good. Give me an Instalanche or two, plus some regular FMRA action, and I'm good 40,000 "unique visitors" a month, if not more. I've had some good traffic days in the last month or two, but while meeting similar numbers as Ms. Padilla, in not getting the bling! Apparenlty, Ms. Padilla's getting ...

... free items from companies eager to promote their products to her readers.

Marketing companies are keen to get their products into the hands of so-called influencers who have loyal online followings because the opinions of such consumers help products stand out amid the clutter, particularly in social media.

To be fair, I have gotten a few desk copies of books I might read and write about as a blogger, but I could use some kids stuff too! Man, what postmodern dad can do without complimentary Boogie Wipes these days!

It's hard out there for a neocon!

Of course, it helps to
learn how to blog." After that, it can't hurt to get in good with the "'The Rule 5 Community."


tapline said...

DD, this is a move away from what you normally blog about......I hadn't realized all this stuff was available....but then I don't need much at my age a little geritol once in a while......but thats about it.

AmPowerBlog said...

Just mixing it up, Tapper!

Skye said...

Of course she is from Philly....for the record, we are not that vapid.

The problem you face is that you are not a 'mommy blogger'. Apparently, mommy blogger opinions are considered manna to numerous companies:

Note as well, she never gives a bad review. It is all good in Classy Mommy's world.

LFC said...

A quote from the "Rule 5 Community" post to which you link: "Traffic is traffic. Hits is hits."
Right. It doesn't matter whether anyone reads what you write, doesn't matter if anyone reacts to it, all that matters is the number of hits. I'll have to remember that priceless pearl of wisdom.