Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Definitive Peggy Noonan Takedown...

From Doctor Zero at Hot Air, "A Seemingly Very Nice Middle-Class Girl":

Peggy Noonan used her Friday column in the Wall Street Journal to throw some dirt on Sarah Palin’s grave. It’s vintage Noonan: airheaded, dripping with condescension, and completely missing the point. No serious conservative needs to hear anything from Noonan except her groveling apology for being so horribly wrong about Barack Obama, who she energetically supported for president. However, it’s worth picking through the flotsam and jetsam of this embarrassing column, to appreciate the kind of intellectual fat that conservatives need to trim from the Republican Party.
The whole thing is here, via Memeorandum.

See also, Robert Stacy McCain, "Doctor Zero vs. Peggy Noonan."

My leftist friend, Tim Gaskill, actually e-mailed me the Noonan piece, saying: "This is a very nuanced article written by a Republican. Go figure. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please, no knee-jerk response though."

Anything that confirms the left's Palin derangement syndrome is good, "nuanced" even.

In response, I simply quoted the "by a Republican" portion (i.e., not a conservative) and clicked "send."

But I'll forward the Dr. Zero piece to Tim now ...

I'm testing out the theory in "Ten Commandments For Liberals Who Want to Argue About Politics."