Friday, July 3, 2009

Fireworks Suck: This Year's Leftist Attack on Independence Day

July 4th is practically sacred, so on this holiday, they can't come right out and call America a racist imperialist abomination without looking like total creeps.

Or can they? Yep. No problem, attack fireworks. That's a good proxy. It's the esthetics, you know. Scott Lemieux hates 'em. Freaking boring. And he gets a big rah rah from ... wait for it ... Matthew Yglesias! At least you can catch a good party!

Their inspiration is Slate (where else), "Fireworks Suck: They Really Do." Forget aesthetics. Go for full anti-Americanism (via Memeorandum):
... the professional fireworks display is an exercise in pomposity, aggression, triumphalism, and hubris. The pyrotechnician—and, more importantly, his patron—intends to ornament the night sky beyond the powers of God himself. He means to inspire awe for little purpose other than to demonstrate his power. The first great fireworks nuts in the Western world were Peter the Great (who put on a five-hour show to celebrate the birth of his first son) and Louis XIV (who, with a specially equipped sundial, used them to tell time at Versailles). Fireworks are imperialist and, as we used to say in school, hegemonic. That they are popularly believed to be populist entertainment does not say much for the populace.


Dave said...

"Fireworks are imperialist and, as we used to say in school, hegemonic.<

Explains much about these people, I'd say.


smitty1e said...

My chief interest in fireworks is from an inorganic chemistry standpoint.
My first deployment was in 1989, in USS Lake Champlain. It was after the USS Iowa explosion investigation was complete. We were in a Form 1, five nautical miles ahead of USS New Jersey. She unloaded a broadside as part of a PACFIRE. You could feel the shockwave in the gut, even at that distance.
Not to make fun of Stacy McCain, but lesser stuff just doesn't do it for my jaded butt anymore.

Reliapundit said...

fireworks were invented by the chinese, so it's sino-hegemony or the west's celebration of - dare i say it - the orient!

actually, childrem love 'em.

so, not loving them is a sign of brainwashing by postmodernism later in life.

i wonder if the left hates them on new year's eve?

Reliapundit said...

i also love ho when lefties drop the mask they reveal how much the hate the little people - the "populace".

palin, nascar, beer, the flag - and fireworks.

the left claims that the populace is inauthentic, and what??? that THEY are the authentic people!?

postmodernism is the opiate of the intellectuals.

Rich Casebolt said...

Yes it does, Dave ... especially when you also include the next sentence in the quote.

It illustrates a form of cognitive dissonance, IMO, between elitist arrogance and a desire to be accepted by the "cool kids" who envy American exceptionalism ... even though following that crowd often has led the elite to being reduced to the least-common-denominator of human reason.

They forget that many of those "cool kids" are free to criticize us in English and their native tongues only because the "imperialist" stood to defend them in times past -- including those like my uncles who stayed in America, and shared the farmland with Minuteman missile wings and lived in the bullseye.

Otherwise, they would be speaking Russian ... if they dared to speak at all.


Dave C said...

People who don't like fireworks are pussies. Excuse the french.

In Michigan and in Virginia, all the good fireworks are outlawed.

I have to travel to Penn. to get the bottle rockets and Saturn Missiles.

Train a kid with lady fingers. they only sting a little when they go off in your hand.

in Arizona is the only real reason why fireworks should be outlaws. The obvious fire hazard.

In Michigan where you are never more than 5 miles from a source of water or in Virginia, there should be not good reason not to have decent fireworks.

And not the crap that sit on the ground and fizzle.

As for Matthew Ysafatlazyass.. Nothing empirical about it. People like to watch things go boom. People like it better when they are the ones lighting the fuse for things that go boom.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Lefties hate fireworks because they don't understand them, and they don't understand them, because in the simplest terms, they represent (on Independence Day) the blood of patriots, and the fight for liberty. Knowing the symbolism of those fireworks, and listening to the patriotic tunes playing, brings tears to my eyes. The Leftist doesn't see the birth of this nation as a good thing, but rather as a pariah brought upon the world.

Deuce Geary said...


I had the same thought, but the left can't exactly criticize the Chinese without being Raaaaacist? (I keep forgetting, is it 4 a's or 5?)

RaDena said...

Fireworks are a beautiful tradition. Liberals prove themselves to hate all American traditions including any values, so it's no surprise they want to get rid of fireworks too.

I do wish there were a way to get rid of them, or at least give them a working and functional brain!

You go, Donald. You're an honest scrapper. :)

shoprat said...

The leftists hate everything including themselves so why wouldn't they hate fireworks.

Anonymous said...

"as we used to say in school..."

I remember those days... Sitting around those square tables with Elmo painted on the middle of it. Cookies and juice liberally applied.

We would sit and talk about "hegemony" for hours. Sometimes we would take on the opposing argument, just to stir things up a bit.

God I miss pre-school.


Anonymous said...

"we used to say in school, hegemonic."

I used to say a lot of stuff in school, then I kept thinking and learning and now regard most of it as silly. It's interesting that the left relies so heavily on that thin veneer of learning. But then, for some, it was only last year.

TT said...

This guy is a complete stupid. Fireworks are art. If this guy thinks that art, which always tend to beauty is "imperialist", then he doesn't know really what "art" means...

Anonymous said...

Fireworks are completely disrespectful and far from (good) art.

On any day beside July 3-4 those people are inconsiderate-American-terrorists [PERIOD].