Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mom Leaves Kids in Maggot-Filled Home to Get High; L.A. Cracks Down on Pot Dispensaries, No Word From Will Wilkinson!

A mother in Cypress, California, allegedly left her two young daughters alone overnight in a maggot-infested house. Toilets were overflowing and trash piled everywhere. The Los Angeles Times has a report, "Mom Allegedly Leaves Kids in Maggot-Filled Home." Here's the video from KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, "Police: Mom Leaves Kids Alone in Maggot-Filled Home, Smokes Pot":

In other local news, the City of Los Angeles is cracking down on the area's unregulated medical marijuana dispensaries, "L.A. Targets Cannabis Clubs":

Daniel Halbert moved here from Phoenix this year to invest his life savings in what he hoped was a golden opportunity: the medical-marijuana business.

But on Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council told him to shut down his dispensary, part of a broad crackdown against a growing and unregulated marijuana industry. More than 600 dispensaries have taken advantage of a loophole in city regulations to open shop here in the past two years.

The unchecked growth has alarmed some city leaders.

"They were like a rash," said City Councilman Ed Reyes, who is leading the effort to shut down many of the dispensaries. He said a colleague told him that at one dispensary near a high school, the student crowds outside made the pot store look "like an ice cream shop from the 1950s."
Once again, I'm going to express my disagreement with the libertarian/legalization crowd. Remember, "I Don't Smoke Pot, and I Don't Like It."

No report on this yet from
Will "I'm a Stoner" Wilkinson, who has argued that "the drug war is stupid." Probably out rolling a fat one at this moment!

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JBW said...

Hey, Don. I'm not Will Wilkinson but I did write a post about your cannabis post some time back although I don't know if you ever saw it. This link is entirely relevant to your post here but I won't be surprised if you delete it anyway. Cheers.

prying1 said...

Uh.... Hey man! I'd like to leave a comment about the pot dispensaries.

Uh... I forgot what I was going to say...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Douglas: You may remember Kathryn Johnston, an 88 year old black woman, a grandmother, owned a gun. In November 2006, Atlanta drug cops broke down her door. She tired to defend herself, and was shot dead. Whaddya know, turns out the raid was based on a falsely sworn warrant, the cops staged the whole thing to meet their quota. RS McCain, still suffering from the aftereffects of his chemical excesses, would doubtless laugh loudly, thinking Johnston's death the funniest thing since The One's visit to 57 states...That's cold comfort to Johnston's family.

Implicit in this post is the notion that ingesting drugs will have a price for society. Yes it will. But the drug war has had a price too. The Fourth Amendment has been battered into pulp along with draconian "asset forfeiture" laws that haven't stopped the evil effects of drugs. The excessively jocular tone of McC's post that you linked to suggests to me that he has an uneasy conscience about his drug ingestions, and is trying to square it by making other people toe the line of the law. This is what liberals do. It is certainly incongruous.

What do I propose? I should like to see the Feds pass a law waiving the enforcement of federal drug laws for certain drugs. What drugs would be exempt would be negotiated. Certainly heroin would be in a different category than marijuana. I would like to see what would happen if a state decided to stop marijuana prosecutions, and the feds went along. You might say that we'd have a lot more maggot-filled homes with abandoned kids. You might be right. But Kathryn Johnston's death, one of several, points the other way. I think it is time to try this experiment and see the results, which is why I would have a state try it first in the Brandeis manner.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

manny said...

To paraphrase: drugs don't neglect children, people do.

JBW said...

Well said, Greg. I knew there had to be something you and I can agree on (excluding the blanket condemnation of liberals, of course).