Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The One Club Deletes The One Show 'Merit Award' for WWF 9/11-Tsunami Ad

UPDATE: This post is corrected to removed reference to the BBC, which is in error. Thanks to Repsac3 for the correction ...


I posted the link yesteday to the The One Club's "Merit Award - Public Service/Political Print - Newspaper or Magazine - Single."

But as
Darleen Click reports, "The print award this ad won has disappeared from the link above with no explanation. Luckily, I found a screenshot":

So much for all of those denails yesterday from the WWF and its lefists allies.

I've got an anonymous commenter trolling around periodically, who left

Please don’t twist this story for your own extreme political agenda, and please check your facts:

This was a fake ad created by Bazillians, it was never authorized or approved by WWF, and has nothing to do with the ‘leftist movement’ or whatever you’re trying to imply.

Sure, it was awarded a merit at One Show (what were there thinking?!) but that is a non-profit organization – based in New York, it’s in no way connected to the BBC.

God, the denial is almost killing me!

The ad ran in Israel, of all places (check
Adver-To-Log Advertizing Archive). And DDB, WWF's Brazilian affiliate, has long been known to produce outrageously nihilist ad products - like this viral Volkswagen "Polo" ad of a suicide bomber detonating a bomb inside the vehicle near a coffee shop (here). "Small but tough" is the tag-line, when the explosion is contained inside the car. Both DDB and Volkswagen denied responsibility, of course. Wait, a denial? Hey, maybe a pattern here!

Darleen added this at her post:

While the Left worldwide is knee-jerk anti-American, there is something else at work in this ad that is both a goal of the Left and a consequence of it. If you asked the people who conceived it, those that applaud it and those that went so far as to bestow awards on this ad if they see a difference in the deaths between the tsunami and 9/11, they’d merely blink in confusion. For them, dead is dead and the most important issue is number. 200,000 vs 3,000. And if you push them, they would admit that the 200,000 “more deserving” of attention because it was poor melanin-enriched people dying.

These are the priorities of the collectivist Left. Economics and class.
More at Memeorandum.


Dave said...

Hey Annon,

It seems the WWF is now admitting some duplicity in that ad.

LOL-Sucks to be you, I guess.


AmPowerBlog said...

Dave: Anon is deleted as a troll.