Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Black Thugs Beat White Student on Bus in St. Louis

The American Prospect is running a despicable piece today, "Stuff Some White People Don't Like: The Right's Animosity Toward Obama Isn't About Fascism or Socialism - It's About Racism."

Actually, what whites don't like is getting beaten in unprovoked attacks by gangs of black thugs. Racism? That's bull. The real racism we've been seeing since last year's Democratic primaries is on the left. But, as is typical now on the left, basically any substantive differences conservatives have with President Obama can only be chalked up to "racism." It's a sickening indication of how down and low leftists have devolved. As Peter Wehner has argued, with reference to Maureen Dowd's allegations that Joe Wilson is racist:
... the charges of racism we are now seeing are evidence of a movement that is getting a bit desperate and more than a bit angry. The trouble is that throwing around the term racism with such promiscuity dilutes the charge and makes it less potent when it is really needed. It is yet one more example of the harmful effects of contemporary liberalism.
The fact is, the racist incidents we see these days are when when white SEIU thugs beat black conservatives or when a bus full of young black hoodlums beat a white classmate in an unprovoked racial assault. In other words, Democratic racism. There's a thread at Memeorandum.

Hat Tip: Blog Prof, "
Video: White Student Beaten On School Bus To Cheering Crowd." And The Rhetorican, "I Have the Strong Urge to Blame Maureen Dowd ...": "I think it’s safe to say that Obama has not ushered in a post-racial era just yet."

Also, Michelle Malkin, "
A Teachable Moment: Racial Thuggery in St. Louis."


repsac3 said...

The news I'm reading is now saying that this wasn't a racial incident, but was about bullying and about the victim moving another kid's bag (the first attacker's) so he could sit down. (Both a 16 year old witness on the bus and the police are telling the reporting the same thing, with the officer who initially said it was sparked by racism now saying he spoke without knowing all the facts.)

And of course, no one of any consequence or intelligence (there is one blog I saw besides this one, however...) is saying that any of the kids were registered in or sympathetic to any political party, or that "Democratic (or Republican) racism," should in any way be associated with this attack.

Donald Douglas said...

Yay! Reppy, way to stand up for the victim of a horrible beating. The cop is changing his story because he wasn't toeing the line on the Obamanation's authoritarian program. The kid was beaten not once but twice. It's not because someone couldn't sit down. That's a lie. The kid was horribly beaten because he was white, an easy target surrounded by cowardly thugs, and because these black criminals would face no consequences. This is what the black and union Democrats do. Gladney was beaten by SEIU. William Rice lost his pinky to an ObamaCare goon. This young man was surrounded by a black mob. Blacks are Democratic in huge proportion, and Republicans wouldn't beat someone like this.

Again, you've proven you are an awful, demonic man.

Dave said...

Remember, Eric Holder said that only white people can commit hate crimes.

I hope that kid's parent's sue the shit out of the bus driver, the school, and the police, because I promise you, if the races in this were reversed, it would have taken the police about 3 seconds to label this hideous a "hate crime."


repsac3 said...

Yes Donald...

The cop is lying, the witness on the bus is lying, the newspaper is lying...

Obviously, Obama got to them all...

Donald, the best way to stand up for the victim is to stand up for the truth of what happened, and not let partisan crazies use (& lie about) his beating to sell some wingnut version of the events that is not born out by the testimony of anyone who was actually there...

The news reports contradict much of what you claim, from the motive for the beating by the two black bullies, to the fact that there were several other white kids on the bus who were not victimized or harmed in any way be these two black thugs.

If you really believe that the fact that many (most) black adults are Democrats had ANY bearing on this incident, or that Republicans (who obviously are largely less black) would NEVER beat (or bully) someone in this way, than I just don't know what to say, except that you've lost touch with what actually goes on in the world. Violence is nonpartisan; anyone can be a victim, and ANYONE can be a perp.

Again, you've proven you are an awful, demonic man.

Yes... Calling you out for nonsense like your making this a "democrat/republican" issue, rather than seeing it for what it is; a somewhat more violent variant of the same crap that happens between school kids pretty much every day, OBVIOUSLY makes me awful & demonic... (& don't forget Nihilist... Hell, maybe I'm a radical feminist, too... I mean, if you're gonna toss out labels that have no connection to the facts, ya might as well go all out...)

Donald Douglas said...

The video is all the evidence that's needed, RepMasterEvilDenialMonger.

No, you're not a radical feminist, Reppy, you're an opportunistic hypocrite who has no principles. You hate what Cassandra, Cynthia, and Attila stand for, but you're all too eager to pile on these idiotic smears when they launch 'em. You even apologize before commenting, because you know you would not be welcomed to the thread other than to get your own ounce of flesh. Despicable.

Cassandra has now apologized to me by e-mail, and I told her you're a demonic instigator who would stab in her the back as soon as she lowered her guard.

You have no principles. You host a libelous blog, full of smear-merchant demons, and you refuse to take responsibility for giving these terrible people a platform.

Yes, you are an awful man.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Was your reply supposed to show up 3 times Dr. D?

Those students who beat that kid need to be brought up on charges.


Donald Douglas said...

I lost my Internet connection for a few minutes, Vegas Guy.

Reppy's deranged. Yes, these thugs should be charged, with a hate crime.

JBW said...

Wow Don, I can't remember the last time I saw such melodrama coming from someone who isn't a woman (and no, I'm not a radical feminist either). It must be cool to possess magical lie detecting powers. You're like something out of Heroes.

Two kids beat up another kid and they should be punished for it. Neither the RNC nor the DNC had anything to do with it.

Many people on the left cry racism when it isn't warranted and now here you are doing it too. Many people on the left whine and cry about hate crimes and now here you are doing it too. But go ahead and play the victim card if it makes you happy. You're getting pretty good at it.

Now this is the part where you call me some name you've made up, tell me what a horrible person I am and take your ball and go home.

Dave said...

JBW, you are so full of shit, the whites of your eyes have taken on a decidedly ebony hue.

Had the victim been black, and his assailant, along with those kids cheering him on had been white, you would be all over this blog screaming RACISM! to anyone who would listen.


JBW said...

Ah, the mental juggernaut Dave adds his two cents. As always, salty yet pithy. And I see that you've chosen to employ the "If the races were reversed..." argument. Classic. You're everything I've come to expect from the modern Republican party. But you aren't the one I was talking to, cupcake.

JBW said...

But while we're on the subject, Dave: I don't scream "RACISM!", I apparently call black people monkeys, remember? Cheers.

Donald Douglas said...

God, you're dense, James. The black thugs beat that guy because he was white, alone, and vulnerable. Didn't see 'em beating up another black kid in there. Awful, you are, just like Reppy.

JBW said...

Ah mind reading, yet another magical super power. You're gonna be positively Sylar-esque before long, Don.

And you didn't see them doing something non-racist, so they must be racists. Hmm, I didn't see them listening to hip hop music either guy but I doubt that means that they dig opera.

But let's see if I can follow your logic: I'm not currently conversing with any honest or intelligent neocons, so they must not exist. Brilliant! Now I can prove anything I want! So this is what it's like to see the world through your eyes...

repsac3 said...

"The video is all the evidence that's needed, RepMasterEvilDenialMonger."

It may be all the evidence you need, but I suspect that many will listen to what the folks who were on the bus say, and will put at least a little faith in the findings of the police officers and school & bus company officials investigating the case, as well.

"No, you're not a radical feminist, Reppy, ... Not this week... But there's not a doubt in my mind that you'll toss that at me eventually, with as little to back it as you have for saying the same about Ms. Cassandra, Cynthia, or Atilla

... you're an opportunistic hypocrite who has no principles."

So you continually claim, with just as little supporting evidence as you offer on this occasion....

"You hate what Cassandra, Cynthia, and Attila stand for, but you're all too eager to pile on these idiotic smears when they launch 'em."

Nonsense, Dr Douglas... I don't hate anyone... (Not even you.) I just often disagree with 'em, is all... except for those times when I don't, such as when they "launched those idiotic smears" about you. (But Dr., I've even agreed with you a few times, so my finding common ground with one or more of them, or anyone else, really isn't all that surprising.)

"You even apologize before commenting, because you know you would not be welcomed to the thread other than to get your own ounce of flesh. Despicable."

Not only didn't I apologize, I started my comment by saying I was a liberal, and that I disagreed with Cassandra's take on the issue. (I almost said I agreed with yours, but I didn't want her to misunderstand, and believe that I was agreeing with your vindictive attacks on her.) My comment appears on September 15, 2009 06:35 AM (VC blog time) at this link: Villainous Company: Donald Douglas: Moral Relativist Extraordinaire (No comment permalinks)

And no, I believe I've commented on all of their blogs, both in agreement and disagreement, without banning, censoring, or moderation. I don't know if that means they "welcomed" me, but they certainly didn't make me feel unwelcome.

"Cassandra has now apologized to me by e-mail, ...

I trust that she didn't characterize her "videotaping Erin Andrews" and "photographing war dead & dying" posts as "idiotic smears," the way you have, even after her e-mail apology to you.

...and I told her you're a demonic instigator who would stab in her the back as soon as she lowered her guard."

Even from the little I've read of her, I believe Cassandra may take a little more care with me based on your warning, perhaps, but will make up her own mind, in the end. I ask for nothing more (or less.)

"You have no principles."

That's just silly. My comments here in this thread alone put the lie to that claim, I have a pretty good history of comments and posts that can be found on the google, for anyone to see and judge for themselves.

repsac3 said...

"You host a libelous blog, full of smear-merchant demons, and you refuse to take responsibility for giving these terrible people a platform."

I absolutely take full responsibility for creating the platform and allowing those who want to to speak, there. What I refuse to do is censor (or take responsibility for) what they write. (That'd be like holding Donald responsible for a racist or otherwise offensive or illiterate post written by another author at PJ Media, or holding the head cheese at PJ responsible for whatever Donald writes there, whether s/he agrees with Donald's words or not.)

As for the characterizations of the folks who write there, you're welcome to make 'em. I've thought you a libelous smear merchant a few times, myself. That doesn't make it true or false, but I guess it does make me feel better (till I realize I'm quoting Falafel Bill, anyway.)

The writers there are all people you've smeared here, so I'm not surprised that you're still not fond of 'em, or that they're not fond of you, either. If you'd stop bitching and moaning about the blog and read it occasionally, you might find that most of 'em don't spend much time on you, anymore. (I think they've written you off...)

"Yes, you are an awful man."

If it makes you happy to say so, perfesser, you just go right on ahead... I believe that most of the people who read & think for themselves will come to a different conclusion, and the ones who'll just take your word for it just ain't worth my worryin' about.

Donald Douglas said...

Reppy: Pajamas would not publish the ugly attacks that you post on American Nihilist. Truth101 and Octo are especially dreadful. They'd never see the light of day on a respectable blog.

You're not respectable, so that's understandable

JBW said...

Aww, poor persecuted Don. If only you weren't so moral and high-minded, maybe these nihilist trolls wouldn't take such advantage of your inherently good nature. Tell you what, why don't you try calling people names and making up shit about them? Oh wait, never mind...

CS said...

Why aren't these crazy racist kids beating up the other white kids on the bus also?

Good thing we've got Donald Douglas takin' care of the "analysis" on this situation.

Ben JB said...

I wonder if Donald will address Rush's proposed solution:

"We need segregated buses."


Tomas said...

I think I just sawa picture of Rush Limbaugh beside the definition of assinine.

Only Rush is capable of converging stories, involving some idiot school yard kids, racism, and Obama all into one story.

Somehow, somewhere, Obama had a hand in these kids beating up a white kid!

Rand said...

It's only a "Hate Crime" if the victim is black, Latino or a homosexual. Today we have "Special Rights" for only them. Of course in reality blacks are the biggest racists on the planet. They even go after each other because of the shade of their blackness.

It's not the savage blacks that are sickening, that's their primitive nature to attack helpless individuals in packs. What is so sickening is that the American government and American society empowers this behavior.

If the incident on the bus was not a hate crime I don't know what is. Sometimes I think I'm living in "The Twilight Zone" where everything wrong is right.