Monday, September 7, 2009

Massive Turnout for New Lenox/Joliet Tea Party

Video courtesy of Illinois Review, "New Lenox Outranks All Tea Party Express Rallies Thus Far":

Also from Illinois Review, "Over 10,000 Overwhelm Will County Tea Party." Updates with photos are forthcoming.

And from the Tea Party Express home page:
Breaking news from New Lenox/Joliet… the sheriff’s office is reporting to us that the crowd estimate for the rally here is 10,000+ and they are shutting down a portion of Interstate 80 for traffic control do to the massive influx of people.

Somebody better get the message out to Bill Berkowitz (see his pathetic screed, "Pro Iraq War PAC's 'Tea Party Express' Sputters Along Attacking Health Care Reform").


Also Blogging: Blue Crab Boulevard, "Real People, Real Problem":
This is in Obama’s home state.

It’s bigger than you realize, folks. It’s bigger than you feared.

Plus, Don Surber, "A Tea Party in Illinois Drew 10,000?" (via Memeorandum).


Skye said...

It is a beautiful sight to behold - Americans exercising the right of free speech.

EDGE said...

Great post Donald! Hope all of the folks can keep it up!

Unknown said...

I was there and it was incredible! like the OP said, we had a lot of very peaceful yet very angry people attending (OVER 10,000 According to the officer I asked there!).

This was my first tea party/protest that I've ever been to at age 26 and I now plan on attending any others I can find in my area!

Thanks Tea Party Express! Good Luck in Washington DC!

dave in boca said...

I'm hoping the Sept 12th DC Event will approximate the so-called "Million Man March" of whom one was the won way back when.

There weren't a million or even close back then, despite Farrakhan's cohorts & Jesse's Rainbow dudes. Glenn is already evil in the eyes of Overbite and the [P]MSNBC crowd. Might as well scare the s**t out of 'em and diminish them down to just a dozen pounds or so! They are so full of it!

onepatriot said...

I'm so moved I could cry.

billyjoe said...

Wonder how many of these folks don't have health coverage, and how many of 'em don't think Medicare is a government program. Probably lots!

Anonymous said...

Well, billyjoe, I would just take an educated guess and say, in answer to your poorly-thought-out question, that most likely MOST of these people have health care and WANT TO KEEP IT, and this is probably because they KNOW that Medicare IS a government program. Oh, by the way, so is Social Security a government program, billyjoe, just in case you need further enlightenment. It is a government program in which MY money (and maybe some of yours if you've ever per chance worked) was put into a "retirement savings account" of sorts for us. However, in the 60's, during the Johnson (Democratic) Administration, it was shifted into a general fund so the liberals could have at it. Now, I hope you're smart enough to know where it is today ... or should I say, "where it ISN'T today?" By the way, and this is VERY important, billyjoe, BOTH Medicare and Social Security are, for all intents and purposes, bankrupt. So, kudos to the tea-party goers whose passion intimidates the likes of billyjoes around the country. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, my fellow, free-thinking, free-speaking and proud Americans who fight for the right to stay free of government oppression!
Oh, just one more thing, billyjoe: I hope you're merely ignorant in making such a dumb-arse comment; because ignorance can be temporary ... but stupid, well, stupid is forever.

TheRev1953 said...

billybob (or was it billyjoe), tsk, tsk. there is so much I could say BUT anonymous said it all. I have yet to see any of this on TV. hmmm, wonder why?