Thursday, September 3, 2009

Search Continues for MoveOn Finger-Biter: William Rice Interview - Doctors Unable to Reattach Finger, 'I'm No Hero' (VIDEO)

This is the photo released by the Ventura County Police Department:

This image provided by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department shows the beginning of an altercation between William Rice, at right in the khaki shirt and olive shorts, and an unidentified man wearing black, who authorities say bit off Rice's little finger. The sheriff's department is seeking the public's help in identifying the man in black at far right, by calling the investigations bureau at (805)494-8201.
My previous report is here, "MoveOn Finger-Biter Remains At-Large: Leftists Blame 'Anti-Reform' Forces for Violence."

The angle of the picture above looks similar to
the shots taken by Karoli Kuns, who reported on the event here. As Kuns states, "I've given this report to the police along with my photos." However, from the start MoveOn impeded the investation with its dissemination of disinformation, and Kuns' allies have not given up the identification of the attacker to the authorities. Also, Kuns tweets that her photographs are appearing on CNN (so folks might keep checking back to her Twitter page for possible information on the whereabouts of the MoveOn perpetrator).

It turns out that doctors were not able to reattach William Rice's finger, "
Healthcare-Reform Opponent Says Bit-Off Finger Could Not Be Re-Attached" (via Memeorandum). Here's a report from Fox News:

Meanwhile, Ian Gurvitz at Huffington Post is slurring concerned citizens as "monkey-shitters." See, "
The GOP Strategy: Operation Monkeyshit":
The GOP's goal from the second the president took office was to bring him down. Their strategy: Operation Monkeyshit. Just like a monkey in the zoo will wildly fling his shit at tourists, the GOP started flinging their shit with the sole intention of diminishing the president's popularity, tarnishing his image, and hurting his brand, all to lay the groundwork for the 2010 midterms and 2012 presidential elections. Tea parties. "Mortgaging our children's future." "The TARP didn't work." "Death panels." "Killing grandma." Birthers. "He's going to take your guns and house terrorists in your neighborhood." "He's weakening the country." "He's going to give Bin Laden the keys to your city where he will take your job and sleep with your daughter."

Now it's the professional tailgaters in town halls holding Hitler signs, screaming about Fascism and Socialism -- as if they could either define those ideas, or spell them. It's Rove 101. Take your opponent's biggest strength and turn it into a weakness. John Kerry the veteran fabricated his injuries. Obama is Hitler.
I swear, everyday I'm more convinced that the left is in league with the devil. Not only are ObamaThugs, SEIU goons, and MoveOn finger-biters resorting to violence to turn back the conservative tide, they add insult to injury by slurring everyday Americans as ignorant racists and "monkey shitters" who can't spell.

God help this country.


Dave said...

Tea bags are wimpy. I say we make "The Finger" the new symbol of the resistance.

After all, it conveys a much more direct message, and you all know how much I hate beating-around-the-bush.

Besides, its meaning is well known all over the world, which means misinterpretation will not be a problem.