Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two of Three Americans Bought Obama's Snake Oil

From CNN, "CNN Poll: Double-Digit Post-Speech Jump for Obama Plan":

Two out of three Americans who watched President Barack Obama's health care reform speech Wednesday night favor his health care plans — a 14-point gain among speech-watchers, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation national poll of people who tuned into Obama's address Wednesday night to a joint session of Congress.
More at the link and Memeorandum.

Plus, Neo-Neocon, "
Obama’s Speech On Health Care":

Actually, the whole speech is clever. He’s trying to re-brand himself as the great compromiser, and everyone else as partisan. And, as I predicted earlier, he’s emphasizing the good things about the plan and not answering any the criticisms in any detail or substance. If you believe he’s an honest broker and telling the truth, it sounds great—who wouldn’t be for affordable and better health care for all? He’s banking on the fact that many people still want to like him and are disposed to believe him, as well as the economic ignorance of most Americans.
Also, from Dan Collins, "Obama’s Health Care Speech, Condensed":
People who say bad things about my health care plan are liars and dreadful human beings. There needs to be more civility in this discussion. Bush caused 9-11. People who say bad things about my health care plan are trying to scare people, and everybody’s going to die if we don’t get this thing passed now.
Added: Gateway Pundit, "Congressman Yells "Liar" as Obama Spews Talking Points to Congress (Video)."


heidianne jackson said...

pay no attention to anything i've done - just believe me, I'm likeable. my guess is that the majority of people who watched the show tonight were already fans. that would certainly explain the two out of three...

Greywolfe said...

Keep in mind that it was a poll put out by the Communist News Network. And they've consistantly been off when put next to zogby or other pollsters.

I trust CNN about as far as I'd trust slick willy with my sister.

JBW said...

"Bush caused 9-11". When the fuck did he say anything even remotely like this? Well done, wingnuts.

But my favorite bit is the benighted dismissal of a CNN poll by invoking the high-minded sobriquet "the Communist News Network" as if this were any kind of legitimate intellectual point or argument.

I'll admit that I've been wrong about you, Greywolfe: You're just the man to be wearing that hat. It makes you look precisely as smart as you truly are (and the decade-old "Slick Willy" reference also makes you seem really cutting edge and "with it" for the kids).

Brava, my unwitting friend...

Dennis said...

You can always tell when things aren't going quite so well for the Left, we get the pleasure of JBW's drivel. My his intellectual prowess is stunning.
Amazing that he actually uses a sentence with "intellectual point of argument" as if he is familiar with the concept.
Someone with JBW's visage and persona should not try and put others down for their apparel choices.
I rather enjoy doing a JBW on JBW.
You are now welcome to do your best at name calling, dissembling, derision and whatever you think your good at. It surely isn't a well reasoned argument.
By the way I like your hat Greywolfe. You are right to question any poll commissioned by CNN though I do expect a slight boost for a few days because some people are easily fooled, but by this time next week we will be right back where we were before the speech and precisely because of people like JBW and their propensity, read insecurity, to alienate almost anyone they come in contact.
I find myself doing a "You go guys" for JBW, Reppy and the other Leftists who spend so much time in condescension. The more they attack the more damage they do. It is why I love free speech so much.
Ah, I can almost hear the anger of our betters or so they feel. Thinking you are better is why you actually believe that people think your attempt at the "put down" is of any value.
By the way JBW get rid of that picture.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe it. CNN probably had viewers call in for a vote, look how quickly they put it out there as to set a new tone. The liberals would vote on the undecided/change your mind line.Listen people,we can't bow down and let discouragement to get the best of us. Wait a few days,lets see what the left says,lets see what the right says about these 'new ideas'.

Grizzly Mama said...

Here are the numbers for the CNN poll:

18% of the respondents who participated in tonight's survey identified themselves as Republicans, 45% identified themselves as Democrats, and 37% identified themselves as Independents.

Greywolfe said...

JBW, I love the fact that the best you can ever do is to level put downs on a persons clothing. You have never offered one piece of intellectually honest fact.

The facts are facts. CNN has ALWAYS been a water carrier for the left. The farther left, the better. The only time in recent history that I can think of that they did anything conservative was when they hired Glenn Beck.

As I review the last 2 weeks worth of ratings, I'm guessing they really regret letting him go now. Or maybe not as they are an ideological wing of the Leftist movement, and not a capitalist entity. And definately not a watchdog for the government as our Founders envisioned the press.

Keep in mind friends and neighbors, that these are the same people that allowed their own staffers to be beaten by Sadam's cronies (and never reported on it or the other tortures that CNN was privy to) just so that they could maintain their access in Iraq.

As for my "decade-old "Slick Willy" reference... As long as he remains one of the lefts poster children for successful presidents, instead of being recognized as the soulless, lying, philandering, Commie sympathizer that he really is, I'll continue to throw him right back into your face.

As for being "cutting edge and "with it" for the kids." The only child I see posting here is you, JBW.

AubreyJ......... said...

Well… President Obama sure did put the Lipstick on that Pig last night... and boy... that PIG sure does look ugly...

J. Greenwood said...

Although my question is not directly related to the crux of your post Dr. Douglas, I'm curious what your take is on Rep. Wilson's conduct during the President's speech. Do you think he was justified in yelling "You lie," or should he have restrained himself and expressed his objections in another manner?

Greywolfe said...

I'm not the good Doc. but I'd like to weigh in on your question. In my opinion, the rules by which we (as conservatives) must engage the lies of the Administration and their cronies demands we ratchet up the level of resistance.

My personal and never-to-be-humble opinion is that he was not only correct, but couragious in his expression. These "public servants" seem to think that they should be afforded the respect a servant would give a King. I for one, refuse to fold under pressure from those that demand we be civil while calling us Nazis for standing against them.

If Joe Wilson stands up and calls it like it is, Good for him. He just became (in my book) re-electable.

Besides he was correct in what he says, as far as it goes. Keep in mind that in the time it takes for his plan to be enacted, there will be a brand new round of amnesty offers coming down he pike. So he's correct in saying that the president wants to give those currently here illegally, coverage. And the President told the truth because they will no longer be "illegal" when the bill takes affect.

PRH said...

You with your lips locked on Obama's ass need to look at the CNN the bottom...45% Democrats/18% Republicans, the rest no party given.

Since when in the USA does the DNC hold this kind of margin?

Wake up you freaking Obama Tools...especially you JBW, you freaking panty waist.

SH said...

"Greywolfe said...
Keep in mind that it was a poll put out by the Communist News Network. And they've consistantly been off when put next to zogby or other pollsters."

Yeah, there is a sample issue. As in, people who watched the speech do not represent the population as a whole.

JBW said...

You guys are great. Leaving a comment here is like stirring up a Republican ant hill. Man, they're really angry, huh? Look at them go!

Oo, "JBW's ugly and a panty waist". This is my considerable self-esteem reeling from the beating it just took at your collective hands. No wonder I can never be as "intellectual" as you all require me to be. You've set that bar so damn high...

Two things Greywolfe: 1) I've never claimed to be an adult anywhere on this site and anyone who says differently is a liar. 2) I don't level put downs on people's clothing: Just your hat, because you yourself are just that special. Cheers.

Doug said...

I didn't watch it because we all know where our President wants to take the country.

JBW, when you can debate on the merits of your arguments and not by attacking those who disagree with you, you will no longer be a progressive President Obama supporter.

Because that's all the left has, ad hominem debate.

Me, I'm an old school JFK liberal which makes me a right wing nut job teabagger in CNN parlance.

Bush caused 9-11 came from a high level appointee, and there are thirty other czars who have not been vetted. We haven't heard President Obama say that, just his green jobs czar and IMO his pastor with the "chickens coming home to roost" sound bite.

In all honesty, I have not reviewed the entire Jeremiah Wright collection so that may be out of context. My opinion is that Jeremiah Wright does believe it.

As far as Slick Willy references being ten years old and being hip in front of the kids. You go and be hip.

I am going to stick with "Those who neglect to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them". Now that's really old and unhip.

I don't think representative Wilson should have yelled liar. Like _DUH_ a politician lying I am SHOCKED!!!!. Glad he didn't yell "where's the Birth Certificate".

A better taunt would have been " How much tax payer money are you going to spend to keep your long form birth certificate secret?" That would have been appropriate.

Personally, I hope he spends a bit more to squash the upcoming trial on his "birther" in January 2010.

I did not vote for President Obama and generally do not agree with his policy goals. Having said that, if he is actually found to be disqualified to be POTUS, my concern is that the whole election will be thrown out and we have to start saying President Pelosi. Paranoia I know, but it's mine.