Friday, December 11, 2009

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Joseph Stalin

Well, now that I've had this debate with Roger Ogden over Obama as Hitler, it's pretty funny to see the outrage on the left over this image of Irvine Councilman Steven Choi. The San Francisco Chronicle's picked up the story, after the Orange County Register published pictures. See, "SoCal councilman wears a Stalin-ized Pelosi":

That protesters on both sides of the political spectrum equate America's leaders with dictators like Hitler isn't new. But critics were shocked when such a comparison was made by an elected official.

Last Friday, a group rented a room at the Irvine Hilton to protest the
Democratic Party of Orange County's 15th Annual Harry Truman Awards and headliner House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Joining the demonstration was Irvine Councilman and Assembly candidate Steven Choi.

An OC Register photographer caught Choi roaming the Hilton lobby before Pelosi's address. Choi is seen in a suit, tie and a depiction of Pelosi as Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator who killed millions under his Great Terror campaign.

Another photo shows Choi posing with a woman who is wearing a
Pelosi-SS guard illustration.

Well, I was with that "group." My issue all along is not identifying the Democrats with totalitarians, but in getting the analogies right. Obama's not Hitler, as I've said time and again (and again, with Roger Ogden). I wrote about this back in July 2008, "The Ideological Foundations of the Obama Phenomenon." The truth is that Barack Obama's a Leninist vanguard revolutionary, and he'd implement Soviet style collectivism if it weren't for the prohibitive restraints of the U.S. constitutional regime -- and thank God for that!

Now, at the tea party, while I didn't care too much for the Obama as Hitler and Nancy as Mussolini images, I loved "Learing from Their Hero" below. This was one of the flyers that were available from the
Orange County Leadership Alliance. This is the group that "rented a room at the Irvine Hilton":

The flyers were to be pinned on shirts. I was wearing my jacket, and didn't bother to do so. But I certainly would have worn "Learning From Their Hero."

Compare to Left Coast Rebel's take, "
Irvine, California Councilman Steven Choi: Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Stalin." The issue raises the question of the left's hypocrisy on political demonization, since Bush as Hitler effigies and posters were de rigueur through eight years of protests against the Bush administration. And it's not just the posters, but that death cult ideology and assassination threats that accompanied the neo-communists against President Bush. And to be clear, comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler is just as strained as comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. (IMHO, but refer to Roger Oden for the contrary view, "A Battle Within the Tea Party Movement? Roger Ogden Responds"). For my money, the Democrats are indeed aspiring for the mantle of Uncle Joe Stalin.

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Roger Ogden said...

Donald, I think there is a little disconnect, in what you think I am saying. I cannot read Obama's mind, so I do not know exactly what he is thinking. It's a red herring and a waste of time to argue whether he is a Nazi, Fascist, Leninist, Marxist or Trotskyite. Comparison to totalitarians of all stripes can be just a mockery of his policies, which I think is justified.

But mostly what I am trying to do with my comparisons to Hitler is to call attention to the fact that his church of 20 years had a Nazi-like racist and bigoted religious doctrine. That is plenty bad enough already. It does not matter what is in his head. You cannot know what he is thinking, but the risk is too great to accept a president who was a member of such a group for 20 years. The presidency is a position of trust, not a right. You cannot trust a person that was a willing member of such a group. The public really should know about it, but they have not been fully informed. The argument should not be about whether Obama is a kind of Nazi or not, but what the theology of his church is. The doctrine of his church has been documented in their own literature to have (reverse) parallels to Nazism.