Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Battle Within the Tea Party Movement? Roger Ogden Responds

Roger Ogden, the Meetup Organizer of the San Diego Tea Party, has accepted my offer to respond to my entry from last night, "A Battle Within? Emerging Divisions in the Tea Party Movement." Roger submitted the following essay, unedited, along with the videos:


This is a response to a post by Donald Douglas on American Power Blog on December 8, 2009. I am the organizer of a meetup group in San Diego, “Stop Obama Now”. My members are encouraged to fully exercise their freedom of expression at protests. No one has a monopoly on the truth or good ideas. No one is responsible at our protests for the opinions of some other individuals. We let everyone express their opinion and expect that the truth will prevail. I have also found that attendance is better and our protests are livelier and more energetic, when people have no arbitrary limits placed on them and they can express their own opinions without being censored. Attempts to limit what people can express stifle legitimate protest. Below is a clip of our protest against media bias at NBC studios in San Diego.

Black Liberation Theology is a racist, would-be state religion, whose central religious tenets involve the destiny of the black race and the fate of the white race and America. James H. Cone was the first to canonize the religious doctrine of Black Liberation Theology. Cones first two books are “Black Theology and Black Power” (1969) and “A Black Theology of Liberation” (1970). Some blacks consider Cone’s books to be scripture. According to a public statement of Obama’s self-described “spiritual guide”, Jeremiah Wright, this is the doctrine of Trinity United Church of Christ, which was Obama’s church for twenty years. Many will find the theology described in these books to be very shocking and disturbing. The doctrine can be described as a racist black identity religion that holds the black race to be morally superior, the “Chosen People” and god-like. The white race is held to be satanic or a manifestation of the Antichrist. The theology prophesies that a “Messiah” will arise from the black race, who will be an ordinary man. Cone admits in his own words in the preface of the book that:

“A Black Theology of Liberation has often been rejected as racism in reverse by many whites, particularly theologians … Father Andrew M. Greeley referred to my (Cone’s) perspective on black theology as a “Nazi mentality, a theology filled with hatred for white people and the assumption of a moral superiority of black over white.”

(Andrew M. Greeley is a well-known Catholic sociologist and popular author.)

Black Liberation Theology is more, however, than just a Nazi-mentality. It has distinct parallels to Nazism in its black supremacy and teachings of a divine mission of the black race to destroy the white race and to dominate the world. See the clip below for a relevant interview of Wright and many quotes from the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology by James H. Cone

The racism of Black Liberation Theology is similar to a reverse version of a theology developed by the Nazis, ironically called “Positives Christentum” (Positive Christianity). The Nazi “Christian Identity” movement still uses a similar doctrine in the United States. In the Nazi doctrine, the Aryan race is the manifestation of God and the Jewish/non-white races are satanic and/or the Antichrist. Jesus is a messianic revolutionary, fighting to liberate the Aryan race from oppression by non-Aryans. The teachings of Black Liberation Theology are similar, but racially reversed as described above.

Black Liberation Theology is based largely on the theology of the Black Nationalist group, the Nation of Islam, and is similar to that of other Black Nationalist sects, some of which are full-blown Manson-like, racist cults that worship their leaders and that have in the past carried out mass murders of whites and black opponents or non-believers. The Nazi-like characteristics of some of these related groups have been noted and reported in the past.

Since Obama was a member of the inner circle of a group, having a Nazi-like racial doctrine, the comparisons between Obama and Hitler/Nazism/Fascism are perfectly justified and legitimate. The public does not understand that Obama’s church has such a racially supremacist doctrine, because the media refuse to report it and politicians will not discuss it. Politicians, such as John McCain, are trying to be "nice guys" and not talk about it. Such people value their reputation more than they are concerned about what happens to America, even though McCain’s hypocritical slogan was putting America first. McCain put his politically-correct reputation first and his political derrière first. That is why I am so discouraged and disgusted with the leadership of the Republican Party. They seem to be able to imagine no greater evil than to have their taxes increased. I believe that there is a serious problem with both political parties. They are like two fraternities that compete, but try to maintain the limits of fraternal, gentlemanly civility. They care more about the political power of their party than they care about our country or what happens to ordinary Americans. They will not attack each other beyond certain limits, even if the fate of the Nation depends on it. George Washington warned Americans about exactly this type of political factionalism in his farewell address to the American public.

It has been said that in times of deception the truth is subversive. In our group, we intend to protect our constitutional rights by vigorously exercising those rights, not by toeing the party line of self-appointed commissars of the so-called Tea Party Movement, corrupt politicians or the politically-correct lapdog media. I will continue to compare Obama to Hitler, regardless of what anyone thinks and in spite of any attempts to smear my reputation, by slandering me as an “extremist.” I urge other Tea Partiers across the nation to do the same as a form of protest of the fact that the lapdog media has never fully explained to the country the racist and bigoted Black Nationalist doctrine of Obama’s church, which prophesies that the black race will produce a “Messiah” who will subjugate America and lead in her destruction by “any means necessary,” if Americans do not submit to their own enslavement. So far, the actions of the Obama administration are not inconsistent with what might be expected as initial steps in an attempt to implement this perverse religious doctrine by corrupting American democracy and subjugating the American people to a all-powerful central government that no longer recognizes constitutional bounds, nor the will of the American People.

What is proposed here is not a conspiracy theory, but that any person who practiced such a cult-like, hateful religion for twenty years is not trustworthy and therefore should not be allowed to hold an office of very high trust, such as the American presidency.

Roger Ogden
Stop Obama Now, San Diego


k6whp said...


It is my fervent wish that you and Roger can come to some accommodation or agreement with each other as the energy that you both bring to the table is precisely what it needed as we begin our effort to remove Obama, his cronies, and the unheeding, arrogant members of congress from office over the next two, four, even eight years.

I have only recently come to you blog and find it an excellent source of information and a marvelous photo-essay of recent events ~~ particularly the Pelosi meet-up on 4 December.

Similarly, Roger has an avid and energized following in San Diego, some of whom I met and spoke with lst Friday evening.

It seems that Obama and the left would love nothing better than for us to lose our focus owing to internecine struggles and petty bickering.

My personal opinion is that Obama is at once such an incompetent clown and a bumbling dolt that to bring up things such as is association with the Black Liberation Church or the possibility that he may not be a citizen only clouds the issues and makes it easier for the left to categorize us as right-wing nutjobs, discrediting us to other potential tea partiers.

I think a lot of us will have to overlook the small differences that separate us to unite for the common purpose of taking our country back.


W. H. Phinizy,
Fountain Valley, California

Unknown said...

Thank goodness for people like Roger who have taken the responsibility of education upon themselves in order to aid in getting the truth out, which no one seems to want to talk about with any conviction.

I too have begun studying up on BLT and it seems incredible to me more people don't get alarmed at the kinds of things which were preached in Obama's church of 20 years... Part of me believes that a lot of people simply cannot accept this information because it would mean they voted into power what is essentially, a sick man. Nobody wants that on their conscience...

The kind of racism espoused by BLT is downright scary in it's own right, but to find out that a man who steeped himself in it for twenty years is now President is a nightmare.

Things like Obama's association with BLT need to be considered, perhaps not as a singular platform, but certainly as an essential part of the whole which makes up the man. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as knowing too much about The President of the United States, especially when so much about him is being actively concealed.

In the end, I would like to agree with the previous poster and echo his sentiment about putting aside petty differences for the good of the country... Our strength is in unity, and the more we allow ourselves to be fractured by ancillary concerns, the better it is for those we wish to see removed. I think in this particular case, we can all agree that REAL change needs to come, and it starts by simply voting incumbents, OUT.

Roger Ogden said...

Leopold, you have the right idea, people tend to want (unconsciously)to suppress this kind of info, because if they recognize it they will have to deal with something that may be very unpleasant. Instead they prefer to do nothing and hope that it will turn out okay. People described this same kind of psychology with the Germans in the 30's. I never thought that I would see it here. Does not mean Obama is necessarily a "Hitler," but just that a similar psychology is at work.

There is a more fundamental issue than what to do about it. First, people need to understand it and up to now, most of the public does not uderstand what Black Liberation Theology is, because the media has suppressed the information.

I can commend Donald for giving me a chance to answer here on his blog, which I believe is a highly ranked blog. I do not think this is on the same level as the birth certificate controversy, but I would be happy if as many people just knew about it as know about the birther issues. This has been suppressed. I have tried to talk to media outlets about it. They do not want to touch it.

thewendelicious said...

History 101:
Tea Baggers/Conservatives continually call Obama and liberals "Socialists" or "Communist/Nazi wannabes" ..the irony is that it was narrow minded elitists that spread propaganda and appointed mayors to big cities that got Hitler and the Third Reich started....Karl Rove did it with the DoJ, but that's a whole 'nother story in itself ...Throw in using independent military like Blackwater to remove the undesirables and it IS how Hitler ran things...In fact... it would seem the conservative extremists are unaware that after 8 years of being fed romantic nationalism, essentially, they have become the GOP's "völkisch movement". The Glenn Beck/Rush Limbaugh followers could be victim to the biggest mind fuck known to man...History Books call it "Der Dolchstoß" stab in the back legend"!

Also..If you read Historical Facts, you would know that Bin Laden could have been captured by the Bush administration. That CIA had been on his tail since 1998...

That the 3 seperate accountiing books kept by the Bush administration are what mislead the people in thinkng the economy was "Sound" (that quotation came from Bush & McCain at the RNC 2 short weeks before the bottom fell out)...and Bail out money had been unknowingly distributed to companies as far back as 2007!!!

You need to stop and think about how a democracy works. If the President had that much power to do what ever he wanted...we would already have socialized medicine!! Senate & Congress have ALWAYS had the Power to overide ANY decision ...even the use of Executive Power!! Which...again, if you look at history...the GOP and Bush/Cheney reign abused Executive Power to continue a war we should not have been in.

Also...holding Obama accountabble for association to Black Liberation Party is ridiculous unless you hold every CHristian accountable for the Crusades.

Come to think of it...Christ was Crucified because he overturned the tables of Capitalists. So that would make HIM a Communist by YOUR standards.

Christ also Preach to love ALL and to support the needy...In fact, he changed water to wine at that wedding...That would make HIM a Socialist by your standards.

HE also preached the importance of protecting our Earth...A tree hugger by YOUR Standards.

Last but not least...God Himself sent the Holy Spirit to descend on St. Peter to Baptize ALL the Gentiles who came to hear him speak...because God will not hold accountable someone for their Heritage. Plain English...if they didn't know any better it wasn't their fault.

If I din't Know any better...and TeaBaggers/Conservatives were the sole representation of Christianity and what it stands for...I'd be a Gentile too!! You may go to Church on Sunday...but you are hardly acting with Christian values the other 6 days a week!!!

Christ taught us that Love and Forgiveness will save us...The bile of hate you regurgitate and reiterate here are anything BUT Christian Values. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Quite frankly...ALL of your behavior here...extreme right elitist text book Marxist Theology and no different from the Black Liberation Party...You are acting the exact same way, spewing the same rhetoric...the only difference is you do it in the name of Constitutional and CHristian Values...Black does it for fairness to Humanity...Hmmmm...Certainly does sound racist to me.

You better be 100% sure of your accusations of individuals/groups when encouraging so much hate toward others...especially since you are acting in SPITE of The Lord's teachings

The LORD judge between me and thee, and the LORD avenge me of thee: but mine hand shall not be upon thee
Samuel 24:12

Roger Ogden said...

Wendelicious, "Der Dolchstoß" or "stab in the back" in German history refers to the German surrender in WWI. It was believed that Germany was not militarily defeated but lost the will to fight, due to subversion and propaganda by elements such as Jews and socialists. I am having some difficulty understanding how you can relate that to Glen Beck.

Anyway, Nazism had its origins in romantic nationalism, but it is much more than that and a voelkisch movement is based on racism. Nazism elevated racist nationalism to worship of the so-called Aryan race. This type of influence could arise on either side of the political spectrum, but I did not see that influence in the Bush administration. If Bush or some of his administration had been long-time members of the KKK or Nazi party that would indeed have been alarming and equivalent to Obama's membership in the racist Black Nationalist church where they worship the black race as God, much as the Nazis worshipped the Aryan race. In fact, I believe some in the KKK actually endorsed Obama during the election.

This may seem absurd, but black nationalists have been cooperating with the KKK and Nazi party since Marcus Garvey worked with the KKK in the 1920's. That was the main reason that Garvey was expelled from the US, because other black leaders were outraged that he was working with the KKK. Tom Metzger has also been working with the Black Nationalist, New Black Panther Party in recent years. There is a YouTube video of him addressing a convention of the Black Panthers in Dallas.

Remember how the Obama administration dropped charges of blatant interference in the election for his fellow Black Nationalists in the Panthers.

The way they keep blaming Bush for everything, I wonder if some people will not have to have Bush surgically removed from their brains at some point. Bush is back on the ranch for a long time already. Get over it. Bush is not the Antichrist. ;-)