Friday, December 11, 2009

Woods Takes 'Indefinite Break' from Golf: News Follows Loredana Jolie Shocker - Tiger Liked Threesomes - 'He Could Go for Days'!

From the Tiger Woods Foundation, "Tiger Woods Taking Hiatus From Golf":

I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I've done, but I want to do my best to try.

I would like to ask everyone, including my fans, the good people at my foundation, business partners, the PGA Tour, and my fellow competitors, for their understanding. What's most important now is that my family has the time, privacy, and safe haven we will need for personal healing.

After much soul searching, I have decided to take an indefinite break from professional golf. I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person.

Again, I ask for privacy for my family and I am especially grateful for all those who have offered compassion and concern during this difficult period.
Also, at USA Today, "Tiger Woods will take break from PGA, cites 'infidelity'."

Well, this is just getting out of this world. From the New York Daily News, "
Alleged Tiger Woods hooker Loredana Jolie fame-starved, says boss; Jamie Jungers talks on 'Today'." And at Hollywood Gossip, "Loredana Jolie: Tiger Woods' Favorite Call Girl":

The list of mistresses linked to Tiger Woods just expanded once again. Although do you even qualify as a mistress if you're getting paid for it like Loredana Jolie?

Regardless, Tiger's list of women continues to grow amid claims from a Hollywood madam that he shelled out thousands of dollars for threesomes with hookers.

One of his favorites was Loredana Jolie, according to her pimp, Michelle Braun, who says she set the world's #1 golfer up with the blond Playboy model from Sicily.

"She's a stunning girl," Braun said. "He went out with her 4-5 times. She took part in group sex. They met up in 2006 or 2007. I'd say he paid $15,000 for her."

In addition to Loredana Jolie, Woods "had a pretty big appetite for women" in general, Braun told the New York Daily News. "He was rarely with just one girl."

"He usually wanted more. He liked three-ways."
More at the link. Tiger had "stamina," it turns out. More at New York Daily News, "Hollywood madam Michelle Braun claims Tiger Woods paid $60G for kinky sex with high-priced hookers."

See also, Hot Air, "
Tiger: I’m quitting golf — temporarily." (Via Memeorandum.)

ADDED: From Carolyn Tackett, "Tiger Woods is Taking an "Indefinite" Leave From Golf." And at Fox News as well, "Tiger Woods to Take Indefinite Leave From Professional Golf."


Cuffy Meigs said...

C'mon now. He's the greatest golfer in the world, perhaps of all time. Has all this stupid hounding from the press led to ... this?

I don't want to know if Tiger Woods likes "three ways", or anything else about his personal business. I just want to watch a great golfer play golf.

I hope the man unscrews his personal life, but frankly it's none of our business whether he does so or not. Just let the man play his game, and leave the rest be.

Anonymous said...

Donald Douglas has orgasms blogging about stupid shit like this.

Real classy American guy.