Saturday, February 19, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Rocks Madison!

As promised, here's Breitbart's speech at the Wisconsin Capitol earlier today:

And speaking of Breitbart, his name's a verb now? "Wisconsin Protesters Breitbarted Over Bogus Teachers' Excuses" (at Memeorandum). That's Karoli at Crooks and Liars, by the way. She's angling for the left's dumbest blogger award, but Matthew Yglesias still holds the crown. Seriously. Even the commenters there are pushing back, supplying all kinds of links showing the massive fraud taking place. If protests were part of the contract teachers wouldn't need fake sick notes to get back to work. Watching the videos, at Althouse and the MacIver Institute, confirms one more time just how low progressives will go. Nothing's above board these days. It's all corruption and thuggery. In any case, NYT as a report, FWIW, "Dueling Protests in a Capital as Nothing Much Gets Done."


dave in boca said...

My FWIW is just up on my blog:

I think the brilliant summary of what's at stake which I found on PJM by a commenter named Stevens is appropriate:

"The whole concept of public unions should be illegal, in that it allows members to be represented twice, once directly at the negotiating table as a union member, and again at the polling booth as a citizen of the locality. Simultaneously, each of those privately-employed citizens who together pay the bulk of the union members’ salaries have but one vote, and effectively no power to fight off the unions’ ever-greedier demands. One man, one vote? Not when there are public unions, who offer nothing but specious rationalizations and thuggery when challenged. Public unions are undemocratic in theory, and stink of nothing but corruption in reality. They must all be dissolved."

The double vote and then funding the Dems who in turn give Cadillac contracts to their in-house union funders and canvassers are manifestations of a concept that has withered on the vine except as a tool of cynical politicians & union thugs.