Friday, February 18, 2011

'They Should Spellcheck the Hell Out of Their Signs'

That was Althouse yesterday, "Is anybody going to apologize for laughing at "Teabonics" — the misspellings on Tea Party signs? I mean, this is a demonstration for unionized teachers. They should spellcheck the hell out of their signs."

I think the sheer stupidity of the protesters magnified Ann's radar. At the photo below, from today's protests, the man's holding an anti-Scott Walker sign likening the Wisconsin governor to Joseph Stalin, but he spells SCOTT STALIN with the runic SS insignia of the Nazi Schutzstaffel. Ann's got video as well. The guy justifies this by arguing that he's throwing all of history's dictators into a "melting pot." And no doubt Governor Walker's right up there:

Wisconsin Protests

And here, Ann notes, "I asked the woman if by "Dread Scott" — evoking the Dred Scott case — she meant to suggest a connection between Scott Walker and the era of slavery. She said "Of course."

Wisconsin Protests

And lots more from Grant Jones, "Obama/Democrat's 'New Civility'" and Instapundit.

Plus, at Marooned in Marin, "Obama Astroturfers Behind Uncivil Protests In Wisconsin; Counter Protest Planned for Saturday," and Gateway Pundit, "Join Andrew Breitbart, Herman Cain & Jim Hoft at Wisconsin Freedom Rally to Support Scott Walker Saturday."


Tania said...

So is the 'dread Scott' sign holder a teacher on a 'sick out'?

How about she continue that 'sick out' permanently? It would be best for the children of WI.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald, thanks for the link. The picture of the government teacher who doesn't know how to spell Dred Scott's name is priceless.

Silverfiddle said...

I agree with Tania.

The longer these teachers stay out, the smarter the kids will become.