Friday, February 25, 2011

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Governor Walker Budget

At Hot Air, "WI Assembly passes budget-repair bill," and Los Angeles Times, "Wisconsin Assembly approves controversial collective-bargaining measure."
In a late-night vote that caught Wisconsin Assembly Democrats by surprise, Republicans pass Gov. Scott Walker's plan, which would strip most government workers of collective-bargaining rights. The measure's fate remains uncertain as Senate Democrats remain out of state to forestall a vote.
I guess it's the end of the world, "OMG! These People Are Nuts!.. Leftist Protester Wails About Losing Chemo Benefits After GOP Assembly Vote" (via Memeorandum):

Yep, the end of the world. Althouse has more, "
UW professor retires after only 21 years to "protect" herself from "depressing and threatening" clauses in Gov. Walker's bill."


Bruce Hall said...

One of the reasons that the protesters are protesting is not the attack on unions, but the attack on their take-home pay.

An example: a teacher presently grossing $45K plus benefits would now gross $35K plus benefits. The $10K difference goes toward sharing benefit costs.

In principle, that's reasonable. In practice, that's a significant loss of income from an income level that was set low based on having a high level of benefits... "we pay you less so you can get more benefits" ... "now we pay you less so you can get less benefits."

This may be a case of being fiscally responsible and morally repugnant. How about taking money from the free-loaders and letting the educators keep theirs?

What does California think about that?