Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Questions Allowed: Islamic Terrorism and the Suppression of Speech on America's Campuses

Following up on last night's post, "Israeli Apartheid Week, Students for Justice in Palestine, UCLA, February 23, 2011."

This really hits home with me, considering my experience dealing with UCLA's Muslim student thugs. See John Guandolo, at Big Peace, "
University of Central Florida Stifles Discussion of Terrorism and Muslim Brotherhood." And the clip features ACT! for America's Randy McDaniels, who is forcibly removed from the panel discussion for asking a pointed question. At the video's summary, McDaniel's indicates that Muslims in attendance coordinated to suppress any tough questions of Islam and forced critical participants to leave:

The MSA toes closely to the model. At UCLA yesterday, the moment I posed some tough questions, Hamzah Baig became extremely uncomfortable, then hostile. The police were called eventually, and I stood away until they were gone.

More from Ben Howe at Red State, "
University of Central Florida Hosts Terrorists & Forcibly Removes Their Detractors."

RELATED: Speaking of free speech, UC Irvine's MSA is getting a lot of sympathy from the New York Times, "Charges Against Muslim Students Prompt Debate Over Free Speech":
For years, Jewish and Israeli advocacy groups have said that the Muslim Student Union has fostered a hostile environment on campus. In 2007, the Office of Civil Rights of the federal Department of Education examined complaints from the Zionist Organization of America that the university was not doing enough to respond to the problem. The investigation cleared the campus administration of any wrongdoing. In 2009, the same organization complained that an event sponsored by the Muslim Student Union was used to raise money for an organization that helps Hamas, the Islamic militant group, in Gaza. The university asked the F.B.I. to investigate, but no charges were ever filed.

Much of the controversy on campus centers on Palestinian Awareness Week, which the Muslim Student Union has sponsored each spring. In the past, the week has included bloody Israeli flags and speeches delivered under signs that read “Holocaust in the Holy Land” and “Israel — the Fourth Reich.”

Many students came to dread the events, which some began to refer to as “hate week.” A few students have said they felt uncomfortable walking across campus wearing a Star of David or any other overtly Jewish symbol during the week. Some have had loud shouting matches, while others have chosen to stay home and avoid campus altogether.

By last winter, it seemed that the talk had been toned down and that much of the discomfort for Jewish students had subsided. But students said they caught wind of plans to interrupt Mr. Oren’s speech. The students who were arrested said that the protest had not been a Muslim Student Union activity, but an investigation by university officials concluded that that the group had coordinated the protest in an effort to shut down the event.

Similar outbursts have occurred during speeches by Israeli officials on other college campuses. But it appears that none prompted disciplinary actions from either the college or law enforcement officials.
But read the whole thing. After Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas filed criminal charges against the MSA's "Irvine 11," an outcry arose around the university alleging the MSA's free speech rights had been violated:
Reem Salahi, a lawyer who represented the students in their administrative hearings, said that the decision to suspend the Muslim group was “very harsh” and that prosecutors were acting in a “very selective manner.”

“It’s not only the punishment, but the vilifying of these students that’s concerning,” Ms. Salahi said. “Whether it was rude or disrespectful is not the issue, the issue is that they were trying to air their grievances in a peaceful way.”
Always the victims. Here's a radical Islamist faction that shut down the Israeli Ambassador, and when faced with the consequences we get pathetic pleading to the airing "grievances in a peaceful way." I guess that's more of the new tone of progressive politics. As long as you aren't wearing a suicide vest, no amount of thuggery will excuse you from claims of being victimized.


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Mr. Mcgranor said...

That was typical of the police, since they are civil right ideology enforcers--and the man was infringing on the guest speakers civil rights in opposition. Of wich you have to get a special permit to do so.