Thursday, February 17, 2011

CNN Refuses to Cave to Media Matters' Ongoing Crusade to Blacklist the Right

Great piece from John Nolte, at Big Journalism:
Something strange happened today. Something, in fact, I never thought was possible. I not only gained some respect for a cable news network not named FOX, but I have, of all organizations, the George Soros-funded, 501(c)(3) Media Matters to thank for it. In Media Matters never-ending crusade to purify the news into their unholy Leftist vision, we here at the Bigs all knew that once our very own Dana Loesch was hired by CNN as a political contributor, that Soros’ minions would then set out to do what they always do, and that’s find a way to convince CNN to drop her. We didn’t know how they would go about it, we just knew that they would. Because attempting to blacklist conservatives off the air is their specialty.