Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'A Liberal Progressive Blogging Troll Accused Donald Douglas of Making Things Up, and Denied That Any Communists Were Present'

That's the Lonely Con, "Preparing for Revolution." And she adds:
As if the video above isn’t proof enough.
Well, to be accurate the video was proof only that a "pair" of communists were on hand, but it's true that REPSAC = CASPER is so blinkered by hate he literally can't think. The place was crawling with commies, as I showed at my response. And what's funny, is that the camera at the initial video focused down at the table the activists had set up. It featured Marx and Engels' The Communist Manifesto front and center (the handbook for the proletarian revolution, calling on "workers of the world" to unite), but REPSAC = CASPER nevertheless argued that since you never hear them say they're for revolution my post was a lie. Actually, I think they were selling Girl Scout cookies as well, but I didn't mention it at the post. Not enough evidence, but I'm convinced the lady was a Scout leader, she was so wholesome and all-American.

The picture pretty much sums things up, via
The People's Cube:

Revolution Unionized

Anyway, Bartender Cabbie's been commenting over there, calling out REPSAC = CASPER for his crazed obssession. Stalking blogs are criminal, plain and simple. This one is actually demonic.

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The Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks for the link. Casper-respac has stopped by for a visit. I, too, could have shown a few more examples, but some people refuse to see the truth even when it's right there in front of them.