Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anniversary of The Communist Manifesto

The anniversary was Monday, as we're reminded by this very impressive entry at Wolf Howling, "Marx & The Communist Manifesto, From Feb. 21, 1848 To Today."

And this is especially timely, considering
the surge of class struggle that's gripping the country right now. As I've demonstrated to the point of exhaustion, progressives are communists. More about that from Wolf Howling:

Karl Marx

Even as Europe moves away from socialism, Obama is trying to drive the U.S. towards the failed European economic model. Obama has set us on the road to nationalizing one sixth of our economy with Obamacare. Our government is today the majority owner of GM and Chrysler. Obama nationalized the student loan industry, ostensibly for greater efficiency. Moreover, Obama is insinuating the government deeply into our economy with a tsunami of new regulations, particularly in the areas of the environment and finance. Then there was the recent power grab to regulate the internet. Obama is ideologically committed to punishing the rich through taxes and redistributing their wealth for the 'greater good' of society. And lastly, Obama is showing a penchant for crony capitalism, picking winners and losers in the marketplace. If that is not incremental economic socialism, then nothing is.

It is not just Obama that is infected with the Marxist philosophy - it pervades the entire left wing in the U.S. The left in America today is not a monolith, but rather a mosaic of pigeon holed permanent victim groups - a toxin directly derived from Marx's oppressed / oppressor analytical framework. It is the maintenance of these 'oppressed' permanent victim groups - be they minority groups, gays, women, or public sector employees - that is
the raison d'etre of the modern Democrat party. And indeed, the central financial foundation of the Democrats is taxpayer money laundered through public sector unions, the essential building block of Marx's march toward a communist utopia. This is not to say that a majority of Democrats are agitating to establish full blown socialism in America today. But it is to say that to understand our modern left and their trajectory, the first step is to read Marx. Step two is to study history in order to understand what will happen to our nation if they are allowed to pull our nation along that trajectory.

Actually, if folks are familiar with Mark Steyn's writings, I'm not quite so optimist that Europeans have completely abandoned the Marxist utopia. Germany, of course, has been especially impressive during the current phase of economic history, although Britain and France don't strike me as stoking the fires of laissez-faire capitalism. Statism and public control remain rampant. This is especially true in the Scandinavian countries, but recall that in "Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, government spending accounts for between 72 and 78 per cent of the economy." American leftists cream over such prospects, which is why Obama was touted as their savior See, "
American Europeanization."

More later — the stalking communist asshats are keeping me busy!