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REPSAC = CASPER: Deranged Stalking Asshat Denies Revolutionary Communists in Madison

I was rolling at CPAC last week with Skye at Midnight Blue. She told me the story of how James Casper, a.k.a. Repsac3, used to stalk her all over the Internet, tracing her online locations from comments at YouTube videos and so forth. That is beyond creepy, no doubt. But I was totally busting up when she said "That guy Casper spells his name backwards to make Repsac." And I'm laughing right now, because for all these years commenters here and about have widely suspected Repsac's moniker to represent perfectly the slithering snake slime that is James Casper. To deal with this freak is to develop cringe-inducing paroxysms simply at the thought of this radical reptile spawning more of his hate sacs of ovoviviparous* evil.

I haven't had a chance to share the story, but it turns out that Repsac3 (also known as RepRacist3 for his white supremacist eliminationism) has been trolling around the blog, and claims to have caught some big lie about the Trotskyite revolutionaries in Madison: "
Donald Wets Himself In Fear of 'Cooooomunists!!!'"
As so often happens, Donald Douglas is lying, and hoping his readership is too stupid to notice...
And what was the lie? Well, the lady at the video is from the Trotskyite International Socialist Organization, and she says "I'm a public employee and so are a lot of our members." If Repsac's gonna call me out as a liar that'd be nice if he'd provide a transcript of the video. I said earlier that all of her "members" were up every morning organizing for the dictatorship of the proletariat, because, well, that's what Marxist-Leninists and Trotyskyites do. And that's called inference. Hello. But asshat RepRacist3 doesn't stop there. He goes on to deny that there were any communists in Madison beyond this "pair" of revolutionaries. Okay, well, sure. Progressives are postmodern deniers of truth and reason, but even this display of willful ignorance is quite something. The MacIver Institute made a number of Madison videos with communist activists from around the country. I thought posting one was enough, but since I have occasion, this one's worth it as well:

In some ways this one's even better. Indeed, Robert Stacy McCain wrote it up, "
VIDEO: Chicago Commies in Wisconsin":
Bob Avakian’s RCP is the leading Maoist group in the U.S. RCP spinoffs include Refuse & Resist and Not in Our Name, which were important presences in the Bush-era anti-war protests.

One of my pet peeves about mainstream media coverage of those protests was how they blithely ignored the involvement of Marxist organizations, including International A.N.S.W.E.R., a front for the Workers World Party, a bizarre Trotskyite splinter group.

Every time there was a major left-wing protest in D.C., these commie groups would be out in force, and the media never reported it, whereas any time there’s a Tea Party event nowadays, the media squawk ”Koch money! Koch money!” like a fucking parrot.
Word. I think I'll sign up McCain for David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog! And if that ain't enough, perhaps the slithering slime CASPER = REPSAC might check out Trevor Loudon's report, "Communists Converge on Madison":
Every communist and socialist group in the U.S. Midwest is sending cadre to beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, in protest at Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill.
Well, yeah.

Wisconsin Socialists

In addition to the International Socialist Organization and the Chicago Maoist contingents, the neo-Stalinist ANSWER cadres were out in force, "Eyewitness report from Wisconsin." And also in solidarity is none other than the Communist Party of the USA, "The fightback fire is being lit down below." And from the International Committee of the Fourth International, another Trotskyite offshoot, "The struggle of Wisconsin workers enters a new stage." There's even an statement from some obscure local cell, the Socialist Party of Wisconsin, "Statement on Walker’s Attack on Workers." There's more, but no need to keep linking. Lots of commies are down with the Wisconsin Dems. Seriously. The woman in the video at top says she found the events in Egypt "inspirational" --- that is, inspirational for a new American revolution. Indeed, even Jesse Jackson made similar statements!

And with that, let's go back to

Let's be clear. There are communists here in America. And yes, there are some Socialists, like the pair in the propaganda video. There are probably a few Stalinists, even. Their numbers are pretty small -- (The video shows only two socialists. Given the number of folks protesting in Madison, that ought to tell you something right off the bat. If there really were "Socialist Public Employees Call[ing] for Revolution in Wisconsin," you can be sure that Donald and his fellow union-busters would've showed you as many as possible, being as vehement as possible. They came up with two twenty-somethings handing out flyers and newspapers and talking about the rights of workers.) -- and for the most part, they're discussing ideas, not committing (or even contemplating) violent "Stalin-like" acts of any kind.
I'm being indulgent, since it's frankly not going to make much difference to someone who refuses to acknowledge objective reality. I guess there's some epic comedy value in this, at any rate. RepRacist3 made the exact same argument after last year's "One Nation" rally, which saw dozens of individual socialist organizations participating: "Progressives March on Washington for 'One Nation Working Together' — Thousands Rally in Support of Socialist Agenda." And from Looking at the Left, "Democrats, Union Workers, and Communists Rally Together in Washington":
The lines between the Democratic Party, labor unions, socialist and communist organizations, were blurred at the One Nation Working Together rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday. Organized by One Nation Working Together, which is headed by the cream of the Democratic National Committee, the rally was a sort of coming out moment for the radical leftist base of the Democratic Party.

I've been blogging about the Democrat Party's progressive-socialist base for years. I had a series on this back in 2008, six months before Barack Obama was elected, which has been substantiated by events: "
No Enemies on the Left? Progressives for Barack Obama." And checking the links you'll see REPSAC = CASPER flailing away in denial that long ago. It's pretty sad. At least a half-dozen books have been written since Obama took office, outlining the hardline socialist contingents that have propelled this regime to power. Gallup did a poll of ideology last year and found a majority of Democrats evincing a positive view socialism. And a Pew survey at the same time found 43 percent of Americans under 30 supporting socialism, which was equal to those with a favorable view of capitalism. These young folks identifying with socialism are among the same youth cohorts that activated the college-level OFA groups that wedged the Democrats into office in 2008.

So, let's be clear: Today's Democrat Party base includes a large segment of communists and socialist-progressives. There were
roughly 80 socialists serving as Democrats in the 111th Congress. The State of Wisconsin is one of most progressive states in American history, and thus it's no surprise that militant factions positioned Madison for a showdown against capital. So, again, I'm not going quibble with REPSAC = CASPER, who was widely ridiculed on bloggers' row at CPAC. He's crazy, frankly, and dangerous. And he's distorting what I said about the International Socialist Organization and he's lying about the absence of communists in America. They're all around. And if it weren't for bloggers like myself and others willing to expose these domestic enemies for what they are, the forces of leftist totalitarianism would be making even greater inroads. Conservatives will continue to have their work cut out for them, and I'll keep fighting these demons, despite the repeated attempts of idiots like RepRacist3 et al. to shut down this blog.

* I had the wrong reptilian terminology there. In Repsac's world that me makes me a congenital liar, so this addendeum sets the record straight.


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