Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'The Mystery Shit-Talker is Dana Loesch'


Amanda Marcotte taking "umberage" at Dana Loesch. I was there, by the way, and it was the freakin' best, "CPAC’s Brightest Shining Stars":


Dana Loesch, Editor in Chief of Big Journalism and radio talk show host, gave a wonderful speech about the new media and truth-telling. The greatest moment of her speech was when she went off topic and officially earned herself a target on the dart-wall of the femisogynists by declaring how hypocritical they are by declaring they are for women’s independence while at the same time demanding that Uncle Sam act like a sugar daddy and pay for their abortions and their birth control and any other goodie they “need.” This immediately sent Amanda Marcotte (the feminist messiah in question) into hateful diatribe further proving that all progressive feminists are out of their minds.)
The mystery shit-talker is Dana Loesch. I had to look her up. Unsurprisingly, she works for the Big Lie factory. It is true that we at Pandagon are not friendly to professional liars.

Don’t think the Republicans’ move to get America’s vaginas back to cherished 50s-era restrictions will end with banning abortion and restricting contraception. After that’s done, the next step is moving us back to the god-fearing age when women wore thick pads and belts. Proper ladies know that menstruation is god’s reminder that we’re evil, and should be dealt with in a way that maximizes discomfort and humiliation
And they wonder why we think leftism is a mental disorder?
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Tania said...

Dear Ms/Mr Marcotte:

America's vagina has no interest in you, it never has been.

Dave said...

Amanda Marcotte is a dick-hating (except for the ones slamming her twat) communist bitch from Hell.

Why anyone would take this self-loathing future motel room pill bottle suicide case seriously is beyond me.