Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Protests: 'A Massive Onslaught Against Democracy'

There's a lot of things I hope to blog about today, but Wisconsin's so compelling it's hard to resist. My good friend Dave Mangan has "Thoughts on the Wisconsin Protests," where he notes:
This is a massive onslaught against democracy by a self-absorbed and decaying collection of elites in the coastal states who want to halt GOP gains illegally and by violent means, if necessary.
And don't miss Ed Morrissey's epic roundup, "Pictorial: Protest Saturday in Wisconsin." In the dozens of tea parties I've attended, I can't recall seeing such repulsive signs:

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Of course the payoff will be the Democrats' utter destruction from the fallout. The Hill has this, for example, "DNC chairman: Wisconsin governor waging war on public workers" (via Memeorandum):
RICHMOND, Va. -- Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine laid into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) Saturday night, telling a crowd of Democratic activists that what's happening in that state amounts to a declaration of war on public workers.

Speaking at the Virginia Democratic Party's annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, Kaine said the ongoing budget battle and wide scale protests in Wisconsin reveal the true priorities of GOP governors across the country.

"Governors and others in state houses across this country on the Republican side have decided what they want to do is wage a war against their own employees," Kaine said Saturday night. "Against public employees who are teaching our kids, who are caring for our parents in nursing homes, who are patrolling our neighborhoods."

Through Organizing for America, the DNC's campaign arm, the national committee has been helping support some of the ongoing protests in Wisconsin, offering transportation to rallies and promoting the efforts through phone banking and other outreach.
For the life of me, I'm trying to figure out the upside on this.

Michelle reports that the SEIU has a national thuggery tour planned for next week: "
Get ready: SEIU’s Purple Army nationwide protest schedule; teachers’ unions pressure members to show “solidarity”." Showing solidarity? As in Trotskyite international solidarity, no doubt. Thankfully, bloggers are providing on-the-ground reporting that's bypassing Democrat-Media-Industrial-Complex coverage. Althouse, of course, has more incredible blogging, and definitely click through for the picture here: "'Walker — can I 'modestly' kick you in the nuts'." TrogloPundit has great coverage as well: "Madison, Wisconsin, duelling protests: the picture dump." Plus, Little Miss Attila has the roundup of bloggers on hand: "More News from the Front Lines in Madison."

I'll have more later. Meanwhile, check POWIP for some analysis, "
Some Recent Historical Context for Wisconsin-Union Dispute." And The Other McCain, "The Real Deal in Madison" and Pejman Yousefzadeh, "Everyone Should Have Seen This Coming."


Added: At Gateway Pundit, "NY Times Shows Photo of MASSIVE RALLY in Wisconsin… It Was a Tea Party Shot."


dave in boca said...

Donald, thanks for the hat tip. Here's an excellent comment from fortcww left on POWIP:

"Union members, especially teachers, know they are worth less than what they are paid. Because of the violence and thuggery of unions, which has resulted in political power as well as vast amounts of wealth, these greedy, violent leeches will continue to do what it is they do.

Act like a mob, all the while convinced they are "good" people fighting "evil" men, hence any and all action is justified including murder, like in Greece."

What's their incentive just to going back to being good law-abiding citizens when the country's media and the Indonesian Imbecile keep telling them that they are fighting a righteous fight? Their conscience? Looks like that's a concept only taught in parochial schools.

The real criminals in the union crime wave are in the halls of academe, Hollyweird, the juggernaut called bureaucratic authoritarianism [google it!], and the apty-named lamestream media.

Not to mention our numbnut-in-chief.