Sunday, February 27, 2011

Foaming Rabid Union Thug Captures and Exemplifies Today's Progressive Politics

I'm very thankful for some of the praise of my readers, for example, Stogie at Saberpoint and my friend and occasional contributor Norman Gersman from New York. I have other readers as well who correspond by e-mail but would prefer to stay out of the scrum of the left's demonic totalitarianism. I've called out REPSAC = CASPER recently, and I've been requesting that he retire his stalking blog American Nihilist. REPSAC = CASPER is perfectly representative of the demonic progressive left, and I wouldn't be surprised if he logged in anonymously and left this comment at my blog last night:

Anonymous said...

Actually, all Republicans are Satanic Nazi rapist terroristic treasonous child-molesting scumbags, who would rape my two year old niece to death happily, and sell the video on

Anyone who doesn't agree with this truth, as priven by Scott WalKKKer, Satanic Nazi rapist pig whore governor of WisKKKonsin, let them rape, torture, and brutally murder me - I would rather die than support all of you Satanic Nazi rapist terroristic treasonous child-molesting scumbags.

February 26, 2011 9:27 PM

Hey, words fail, but how about this, from Rebel Pundit, "Exclusive: Rabid Union Thug Foams at the Mouth $1Mil bet GOP Hearts KKK.. “Wussy MotherFxxkers, I’ll make you pay, Tea Baggers”" (via Lonely Conservative and Memeorandum):

Behold today's Democrat Party progressive left. When conservatives stand up for values, they're standing up for right and goodness in the world. The opposite of right is found in the left's relentless campaigns against truth, decency, and the individual in society. The hatred at websites such as REPSAC = CASPER's --- and in the comments cited here, and in endless attacks by union thugs --- are perfect examples of the new neo-communist totalitarianism. What's sad is that the lamestream press is totally in the tank, so again that's all the more reason for folks of God and decency to stand up.


JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

I guess I'm not banned since you provided the link Professor.

Who could blame the guy for foaming at the mouth. If Jerry Brown wanted to take your tenure, job security, bargaining rights and anything you supported through your union you'd be foaming also Professor Douglas.

I'd join you.

And I'm not hard to find if you really want to get to know me buddy.

Adrienne said...

Hey - anon sounds a lot like my troll.

I can't have you siphoning off my crazies. Everyone should be responsible for acquiring their very own personal creepozoids and not poaching from others. ;-)

joe from Lowell said...

Did you just write that people saying mean things is "totalitarianism?"

It's lame enough to write a post about how someone lest a dumb comment on your blog, but now saying things is "totalitarian?"

Calling someone know...says stuff (not threatening stuff, not violent stuff, just noisy stuff) a "thug" is pretty weak, but to jack it up to "totalitarian" is some A-1 grade pearl-clutching.

Although I'm sure you were just as outraged by all of the language from Tea Party rallies involving threats to shoot people. Not.