Saturday, February 26, 2011

Naomi Houser Comments on Suspected Restaurant Hoax

Naomi Houser commented here, twice. It's an interesting story, mainly because it's so inexplicable --- and inexplicably dumb.

In contrast to the prank Koch brothers phone call to Governor Walker, the lamestream press hasn't taken up this story. But Houser's registered at Firedoglake, so that's a clue. FDL is widely read on the neo-communist left, and these folks have the most to gain by the politics of personal destruction. In fact, I mentioned the comments at FDL last night, and see this one, for example, with weird digressions on Governor Walker's appearance:
Blessings to the fine folks at “Madison Restaurant” who asked the scumbag to leave their fine establishment.

Walker may find that he has become a pariah, not only in Wisconsin, but across the country. Some have noted that he has a weird looking, beady-eyed face. It is not fair to judge people based on their appearance, but it is fair to judge people by their actions.

Scott Walker has lost. Hopefully, he will be removed from office (one way or another,) sending a big message to Rethug creeps like the Kochs.

We can hope
And this one, suggesting that Governor Walker's equivalent to a murderer:
I believe this is referred to as the O.J. treatment. I remember when O.J. was persona non-grata at restaurants, golf courses and other public places virtually making him a public paria. One can only hope the Governor becomes a prisoner in the mansion and only ventures out where other conservative parasites congregate.
This stuff should be disseminated widely, for while progressives think they've got the moral high ground, they'll be destroyed in public opinion, where taxpayers outnumber the union thugs. It'll all come out at the ballot box, in any case.

Also Blogging: Da Tech Guy, "
More Democratic Civility," Lonely Conservative, "Madison Restaurant Made Up Story About Denying Governor Walker Service," and Legal Insurrection, "Story About Gov. Walker Being Kicked Out of Restaurant Appears to Be a Hoax."

And see Althouse on Firedoglake, "
Lefty blogger loves the idea of restaurants refusing to serve people that their other customers express open hatred toward":
Swopa loves that a Madison restaurant asked Governor Scott Walker to leave when customers booed him. He/she links to a Madison blogger who deleted the name of the restaurant after the restaurant received threats. (Threats? Were they reported to the police?) Swopa notes that he edited his post to delete the name of the restaurant, but he leaves in his "via Howie Klein on Twitter" link, and the name of the restaurant is right there.

Idiot. Don't rely on Firedoglake to protect you. They care. They want to protect you. But they just can't quite pull off the protectiveness they'd love to give you
That's gold. More at the link.


Adobe Walls said...

Thouht this might interest you regarding the evil republican plan you commented on at RSM.

Naomi Houser said...

Hey there random person! I registered at Fire Dog Lake to comment, but had never been on their site prior to that. Glad it adds a level of conspiracy though. Don't you people have lives??

Naomi Houser said...

Oh, and here's a clue that I don't read anything at Fire Dog Lake;