Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fleebaggers: The New Cut-and-Run Democrats

That's Michelle's latest column.

Yeah, it's gotten so bad that the progressive-socialists are now resorting to pranks and trickery in an attempt to carry the day. I'm still shaking my head at how the Kochs are so "evil," but by now it's clear that Marx's struggle against capital has fully taken hold of today's Democrat-progressive left. See Michelle, "
The Howard Stern-ing of the Wisconsin Showdown." The full audio of the prank call to Governor Walker is at Memeorandum. And here's this, from ABC News, "Wisconsin Governor Pranked by Reporter Posing as Billionaire Conservative Activist":

An alt-news reporter posing as billionaire conservative activist David Koch recorded a 20-minute phone conversation with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker during which Walker reveals his strategy for breaking Democratic and union opposition to his budget.

The governor's critics said the immediate access granted to "Koch" and the length of their conversation illustrates a damning tie between outside influences and what they see as an orchestrated effort to bust unions.

The governor's office confirmed Wednesday that the voice on the tape, first posted online at, was Walker. But a spokesman said the call showed the governor's "appreciation for an commitment to civil discourse" and repairing the state budget.

While Walker's comments closely tracked what he has said publicly -- expressing refusal to compromise or negotiate with Democrats -- they shed new light on the tactics he has considered to discredit his opponents and move the budget process forward.


LibertyAtStake said...

And we trust Governor Walker's resolve will be redoubled directly as a result of being "punked" by these Leftist punks. Take careful note no such sophmoric dirty trick has been played on Mitch Daniels. That's because he's already caved into the punks' demands.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"