Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Progressives Complicit with Evil

Continuing along with theme, here's Keith Davies of the Walid Shoebat Foundation, "Complicit with Evil":
As Egypt and the rest of the Arab world descends into chaos we in America are either intellectually ill equipped to comprehend the problem or we are part of the problem and those that do comprehend the problem do not control the strings of power to act in a way to solve or improve the situation.

On our University campuses over the last 50 years we have seen them become places filled with ideological leftists who plan to “transform” America into a panacea of socialist Marxist practices. The result of two or three generations of churning out left wing ideologues it seems that enough students who now are regular voters over the age of 40, along with left wing leaders coming from the same ranks have grabbed the reins of power. Despite this America is still a center right country but you would never know it based on our media and power structure in Washington.

The fruits of this progressive agenda is translating into the weakest imaginable foreign policy of the Middle East and it is not as complicated as all of us “non experts” think it is. It is nice to see Glenn Beck win over some Americans who now are returning to their American heritage and other conservative media folks who are rallying to unseat a president who knows how to speak like a conservative but who acts like a far left winger in terms of his actions. However, the majority of people in America are still not paying attention to the issues despite the evidence, which shows that disaster is around the corner on many fronts.

It's just more "imaginary communism," I guess.

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