Saturday, February 19, 2011

Madison Police Detain Union Thug After Attempt to Disable Tea Party Sound System

At Daily Caller, "Union operative attempts to destroy Tea Party rally’s speaker system."

The weird thing is, I was just commenting on the hopeless dishonesty of the progressive left: "
Watching the videos, at Althouse and the MacIver Institute, confirms one more time just how low progressives will go. Nothing's above board these days. It's all corruption and thuggery."

More reporting from the Daily Caller: "
Tea Partiers strike back in Madison."

And speaking of dishonesty, Glenn's got
a roundup on the doctors in Wisconsin handing out bogus sick notes, with a quote from a physician:
“Is it really his position that he is conducting medical examinations in the midst of thousands of people while attaining a right to privacy? One of the most important things in a genuine patient/physician interaction is honesty and this dude is dishonest! . . . He has abrogated his professional responsibility for political expediency.”


Tania said...

I wonder how many of the scripts handed out by the physicians will be used to illegally obtain narcotic drugs?

Easily this thug can be charged with simply assault, harassment, REAP, disorderly conduct and maybe even aggravated assault.

AmPowerBlog said...

The doctors' story will go viral all day tomorrow, and will cause major blowback against the Dems. They're dumb as well as dishonest.

Dennis said...

I wonder if the unions know how much trouble they are in? When Jessie Jackson rides in to save the day trouble is not far behind.