Friday, February 25, 2011

Conflicting Reports on Governor Scott Walker Being Denied Service at Madison's Merchant Restaurant

Firedoglake's still going with the story, "Late Night: You’ll Never Eat Dinner in This Town Again." But the original post at Mind Stain has been taken down, "Scott Walker Asked to Leave Local Restaurant." And it turns out the Badger Blogger contacted the restaurant and claims that this audio is evidence that progressives tried to pull another punk job:
Well my friends, this is the case of a Madison restaurant trying to gain liberal credibility by making up a total lie about how they booted out Scott Walker out of their establishment. When BadgerBlogger called them to confirm the story, the staff refused to confirm or deny, and continued to obfuscate until they hung up the phone… But in fact, they didn’t hang up, it appears that they accidentally put the phone on speaker…. And BadgerBlogger tapes continued to roll.

Our audio captures the restaurant staff talking about how they have to take down the blog posting because people are starting to call about it, you can actually hear them logging into the blog and deleting it. Too late.

We confirm with Governor Walker’s staff that the Governor has never been to that restaurant, this was an attempted “punking” by employees of The Merchant Restaurant, but look who got punked… In the words of Joe Wilson, You Lie!

You can listen to our audio, and judge for yourself. Do not turn it off after the hang-up, that’s when it gets good.

I Googled "Merchant Restaurant" and no newspapers had reported this story. And I'd say this comment from the Badger thread sounds about right:
Who knows what to believe? For all I know, it’s just the 8th year UW undergrads humping tables and not the owner who came up with this half-baked scheme. True or not. I’m still surprised a business would invite controversy like this.
What gets me, if you go back to the Firedoglake entry, is that for progressives, discriminating against Governor Walker would be a cool thing to do --- that they would applaud the kind of action they would vehemently denounce if done to a minority, or even a progressive Democrat. This is not how students learn about democracy in school. And frankly, this isn't how politics should be conducted. Governor Walker is not an arch segregationist. His programs are not about to exterminate the sick and aged. Progressives know this but they've shown they'll do anything to distract from the issues at hand: the sweetheart deals between the unions and the Democrats and the fiscal sinkhole the State of Wisconsin is facing. Public opinion doesn't favor the Democrats. And refusing the governor's budget will only delay the reckoning and further blemish the left's reputation.

Unreal, in any case. Check all the links at


Naomi Houser said...

I suppose it's fitting that I am the first to comment. The reasoning behind why the article in question was removed is actually in place of the original article now. The establishment has been receiving threatening phone calls so I removed it.

I am in no way affiliated with the establishment. I do not work for them, nor have I even been there myself. It would be a grand hoax indeed for me to try and time stamp several other posts as if I had been on this blog for a year (which is, I believe, how much time I have spent on it). That's not them erasing the blog post in the audio, that's them reading it.

If you would like to contact me directly, I'd be glad to hear from you, as much as you and I may disagree on politics. The weekend won't be a good time to reach me, but feel free to drop me a line on Facebook, or at my own blog.

dave in boca said...

Excellent post and Memeorandum is not posting that many links, just yourself and a New Age freak calling herself mind stain, very appropriate moniker for a freak.

Of course, firedoglake demonstrates one more time that if the demonrats didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all. I think the proglodytes are trying to goad the representatives of Wisconsin's fiscally assaulted citizenry into some sort of misstep, and pranking like this is just the sort of juvenile delinquency that pushes the envelope. Luckily, as a native Wisconsinite, I can attest that my brother & sister-in-law, both teachers from Milwaukee, are visiting me in Boca and for reasons of civility, the subject hasn't even come up---showing the decency of the average WI citizens versus the slimefests of firedog & other Left Coast agitpreppies.

You're right, the Left & the abc networks want to do anything to keep the subject away from the ripoff of the WI taxpayers that the teachers' unions have been pulling off since I was in grad school. I've got an MA from U of Mich Ann Arbor & maybe I should have taught in WI instead of joining the Foreign Service---NOT!!!

Naomi Houser said...

Yes, Dave in Boca. I AM a freak. Freakishly so. Have a great day! :)

Mr. Mcgranor said...

I applaud discrimination--it is unfortunate that the left has to be the ones to champion such. The civil rights act of 1964 needs to thrown away, anyway doesn't Governer Walker have a lawsuit?