Sunday, February 20, 2011

Washington Budget Battle Raises Specter of Government Shutdown

The Wall Street Journal reports otherwise, "Ryan Says Not Looking for Government Shutdown." But previously at Investor's Business Daily, "Will D.C. Budget Standoff Repeat 1995? GOP Hopes Not":

Budget Showdown

2011 is starting to look eerily like 1995. GOP lawmakers and a Democratic president are far apart on the budget, raising the specter of a government shutdown. Republicans are readying Medicare and Social Security reform plans, easy fodder for Democrats.

Republicans hope the parallels end there. Voters blamed the GOP for the 1995 shutdown.

"It's possible that we are seeing" a repeat, said Matt Bennett, vice president for public affairs at the centrist Third Way. "In 1995, the Gingrich revolutionaries demanded tough budget cuts and took it to a government shutdown. It appears Speaker Boehner is responding to the more strident people in his caucus."
More at the link, and also at the Louisville Courier-Journal, "Washington heading for a possible shutdown."

Frankly, I think the 1995 comparison is just too nifty for the media to pass up. Ace of Spades had a piece the other day which showed some Republicans with little ideological principle when it comes to reining-in government. See, "
Um: Half of Republican Caucus, Especially Leadership and Old Guard, Votes With Democrats To Block Additional $22 Billion in Cuts."
Okay, I give up. I wanted to give this two party system a try. Forget it. It's time for a third party, the Tea Party.

The GOP is dead to me. Hal Rodgers and posturing lying phony Eric Cantor need to be replaced.

The Republican Party

If you like your ruinous behemoth tax-parasite government, you can keep your ruinous behemoth tax-parasite government.

And that is is promise we will definitely keep. Because, in the end, that's the one thing that matters to us.
I'm going to be keeping an eye on this over the next few days. The GOP needs to be on the right side of history. Hundreds of billions can be cut just for starters, as many have pointed out, and Ace is going to have my vote if the GOP leadership caves to Democrat-progressive spendapalooza politics. So until later, check out NYT's morning report, "As House Votes to Cut $60 Billion, Standoff Looms."

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Anonymous said...

I say shut down the government. It will be a BLACK eye against the Republicians. As far as ways if c\utting the budget, why target the lower and middle class... cut farm subsidies and stop spending so much money on a no-win situation in the middle East