Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Walker Pneumonia'

RightKlik offers a hilarious take on Wisconsin, at Left Coast Rebel, "ObamaQuacks for America." It's a great story. More at Founding Bloggers, "BREAKING: Andrew Breitbart Contracts “Walker Pneumonia” In Madison, Wisconsin!" (via Memeorandum):

Plus, Dana Loesch hammers Karoli at Crooks and Liars (who yesterday I suggested was in the running for the left's dumbest blogger): "
Crooks and Liars Blogger Concocts Another Whopper."

Also, at Pundit & Pundette, "
'The Left is reacting with all the grace of an alcoholic denied the bottle'." And following the links, Old Linkmaster Smith is in the game: "Troglo for Senate."

RELATED: Robert Costa at National Review, "
Walker: ‘We are willing to take this as long as it takes’."


jill said...

Love the video -- "please stop filming" -- not a chance. Amazing how willing these frauds are to reveal themselves to the world.

Thanks for the link.

RightKlik said...

Thank you, sir!