Monday, February 21, 2011

Malpractice in Madison: Doctor Debacle Showcases Pathologies of the Progressive Left

That's Bill Hemmer's interview with Josiah Cantrall, who did some nice hidden-camera work with the derelict doctors in Wisconsin:

And from Doctor Zero, a guy you can trust (and I don't think he's a real doctor), "
The Madison Doctor Debacle: The Pathologies of the Left Converge":

The case of the fake doctor notes is a convergence of everything that is sick and dysfunctional in liberal culture. Medical ethics went out the window in the name of politics, which corrupt everything they touch. The Left has been telling us health care and medical insurance are topics so complex that government must handle them on behalf of a hapless population… but introduce the demands of political expedience, and all that “complexity” dissolves in an instant. Trial lawyers have made millions by suing doctors, driving up health care costs and corrupting the very practice of medicine itself, by requiring “defensive medicine” that has nothing to do with science… but as soon as unions and the Democrat Party decided a show of force was needed in Madison, you had physicians marching around with hand-lettered signs that said “I’M A DOCTOR – NEED A NOTE?”

Gateway Pundit.

RELATED: At Althouse, "
'Medical school ethics courses are...increasingly emphasizing 'social justice' over traditional notions of ethics — or the individual patient’s welfare'."
"But 'social justice' is frequently just a euphemism for a socialist political agenda of leftist politics, redistribution of wealth, and heavy state controls over the marketplace."

Says Paul Hsieh (via Instapundit) in the context of explaining those Wisconsin doctors writing excuses for protesters — and tweaking our anxieties about Obamacare.
The Wisconsin protests have shown how some doctors are seemingly willing to subvert their professional integrity to serve the political ends of government special interest groups. Under ObamaCare, when similarly trained doctors have to choose between practicing in their patient’s medical interests or in the political interests of their government paymasters, which side will they choose? And will you want this new breed of doctor taking care of you when you’re sick?
Interesting questions, but to be fair, the doctors handing out the notes were helping individuals, not burdening the individuals for the sake of the greater good.
Right. ObamaCare is burdensome, but fake work passes in Madison are helpful.

Excellent post, in any case.

See also, by Richard Pollock, "
Why Obama and the Dems Blundered in Wisconsin" (via Memeorandum).