Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones Down: Saving America One Communist at a Time

Leftists are shocked at the resignation of Van Jones, and they're lashing out at the "smear" campaign against "a genuine environmentalist."

Here's Alan Colmes' post, "
Van Jones Resigns; Who Will They Go After Next?" (via Memeorandum). And at Huffington Post, "Glenn Beck Gets First Scalp: Van Jones Resigns." And from Gawker's piece, "The Resignation Of Van Jones: An Obama Political Achilles Heel, Exposed":

Apparently, all that needs to happen to provoke a White House Administration official's resignation is: a bunch of blowhards and crazies find something someone once said that was once extreme.
But Michelle Malkin nails it at her post:

The story is not just about Jones.

The story is about Adolfo Carrion, Carol Browner, Vivek Kundra, Nancy DeParle, John Holdren, Cass Sunstein, Mark Lloyd, Obama’s education comrades, and the culture of circumvention and corruption that plagues this White House.

The story is the
czar explosion, purposeful undermining of congressional oversight, Valerie Jarrett’s promotion of a two-bit Jeremiah Wright in eco-guru’s clothing, and the public vetting of unaccountable Obama appointees that Washington won’t do.

They don’t get it. They’re in the tank. Behind the curve. And slouching towards irrelevance.

The pressure is closing in. Here's this from Astute Bloggers:
I think we've just begun to fight.

I think we can win.

I think we can save America and the free world from Obama and his abominable left-wing agenda.
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UPDATE: Carolyn Tackett links! See, "Jones May Be Out But What About The Rest?"


Anonymous said...

You people are the biggest hypocrites in the world. "Let him without sin fist cast a stone." You can't even pick up a pebble and even think about throwing it. The log in your eye is blinding you to YOUR past. Why don't you people just leave that man alone. Why are you are so evil?

Anonymous said...

It's painfully obvious that the far right wing controls this politically sick country lock stock and barrel. There is no place for anyone else here. Conservative is a word that means "I can't have it all if you get any". This dictatorial Nazi BS will end only when the party of "NO" is voted out of every office in the land. They are all bigots and hypocrits masquerading as christians.

Rich Casebolt said...

Anon ... we didn't APPOINT a man who praises an ideology that has killed hundreds of millions of people, to oversee a $30 billion program that could fundamentally change our economy.

Care to elaborate on "our" past? You'll probably cite the same old Leftist talking points that have been thoroughly rendered D3 (discussed/debated/debunked), here and on other forums.

Used to be, "liberal" meant free-thinking and intellectually honest. Now, it means mindless conformance to a series of simplistic viewpoint-litmus-tests to prove that you are a "free-thinker" ... including the greedy view that you are automatically entitled to the wealth earned by others in the name of "fairness".

prying1 said...

Hypocrite by liberal definitions and proud of it!

Except the true definition of hypocrite is not the way you use/abuse it.

Used to be a hypocrite was someone who feigns to be what he is not. For example, a commie pretending to be a JFK Democrat. Not a Christian that stands against tyranny taking over our country.

Dave said...


And you are a commie supporter, and communism is about as evil as it gets.

As for the resignation of comrade Jones, I am starting to think that, just maybe, this hideous Marxist coup that is being carried out by Obama and the left may just be on its way to being put down.