Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bloggasm Guide to (Who Gets) 'Instalanches'!

My good friend Simon Owens at Bloggasm, has written a fascinating post on something I've thought about quite a bit: Who gets "Instalanches"?

See, "
Who Does Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit Link to Most Often?":

Over a period of four days spanning from February 23 to Feb. 26, Reynolds published a total of 287 links to 144 separate domains. In that small space of time, there were 26 domains that he linked to three times or more.

The two domains he linked to most often — (22) and (19) — aren’t surprising; Amazon has a referral system that allows Reynold to get a cut out of every click-through sale and Pajamas Media hosts his own blog. — also a Pajamas Media outlet — received a high number of links as well.

Of those domains that received three or more links, many of them were right-wing, but a few weren’t, including BoingBoing (9), Autoblog (3), New Scientist (3), (4), Popular Mechanics (4), Slate (3), and others. As is evident from the above list, though many Instapundit links are political in nature, he also often links to non-political stories — usually tech articles.

Below is a breakdown of all the domains Reynolds linked to three times or more ...
Go to Simon's report for the full tabular data, here.

I've actually gotten a good number of Instalanches. Most recently, Glenn linked to my post on "
Keith Olbermann's Plantation."

One thing I've noticed is that Glenn links to his lawyer-friends often, especially
Ann Althouse. Beyond that, he provides readers with an incredibly wide range of topics and breaking news -- it's a wonder sometimes, and that's coming from someone who's no slouch at the aggregating businesss himself.

So, head on over there to check it out (
here), and don't forget The Other McCain as well. I would have never gotten an Instalanche in the first place had I not adapted some of Robert Stacy McCain's rules of the road!

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