Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Desperate: Leftists Use Alleged Parkinson's 'Victim' to Smear Tea Partiers

Notice that headline at the video, from AlterNet, "Tea Partiers Mock and Scorn Apparent Parkinson's Victim."

The full clip was originally posted at Columbus Dispatch, The full story is here, "
Supporters, Opponents of Health-Care Bill Square Off Outside Kilroy's Office."

Safe bet says this "Parkinson's Victim" is a well-placed plant, plopped down into the center of the protest to stoke outrage on the left, precisely as the ObamaCare monstrosity's going down. Look at the guy: Are those tremors? How about cognitive dysfunction? Can't really discern physical or cognitive impairment from the clip, so perhaps he's got mild symptoms. No matter. I seriously doubt a genuinely debilitated Parkinson's sufferer would subject himself to such indignity. The dude's a punk prankster. And for what? Shovel-ready ObamaCare. God, that's just awful. I mean, seriously, there's nothing more disgusting than putting someone up for such utter desperation. You've got SEIU thugs at the event (see
the full viddy), so it's no surprise. They'd beat your grandmother to establish death panels:

Fortunately a few tea partiers gave this planted "victim" a few dollars. He can sock the cash away for when his medical premiums go up under ObamaCare.

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Dennis said...

Do they actually believe that anyone gives credence to any of this staged attempt other than other like minded ilk? They been caught so many times that only an idiot would allow this to affect them.
This stuff is as quickly refuted as most of Obama's dissembling and out right lies.