Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heads Explode: Leftist Outrage at Erick Erickson CNN Pick

Steve Benen's the ultimate hypocritical concern troll. See, "THIS IS CNN?...." (via Memeorandum):
This is easily the worst decision CNN has ever made. That the network probably reviewed Erickson's work before hiring him, and offered him a job anyway, suggests CNN's professional standards for what constitutes "an important voice" have all but disappeared.
Check Benen's post for a long hissy fit on how awful is Erick Erickson. Gee, he said bad things. Can you say extremist? Wake up, Steve Dunderhead.

And check the comments at CNN, which have now been closed, "
Erickson joins the Best Political Team":

Well, that makes my TV viewing choice easy. No more CNN for me! Erickson is nothing more than ignorant, lying scum who loves to stir up crowds with blatant untruths that do nothing but divide this country. Why would you possibly think that he could add to an intelligent discussion? Or does CNN simply want to turn into a shout fest for ratings? I thought you got over that when you fired Beck. CNN is absolutely foolish to ask him to join their usually reasonable commentators, and CNN will no longer be turned on in this household!
Heads exploding, and lots of 'em!