Saturday, March 6, 2010

Palestinian Self-Defense Immigrant Adaptation Program

Canada's got a novel approach to assimilating immigrants. It's a useful indoctrination method as well. Blazing Cat Fur's got the story, "Palestine House offers FREE SELF DEFENSE Training to 'Immigrant Youth' Courtesy Citizenship & Immigration":

More on these welcoming communities here and here. Plus an assimilation video here.

And don't miss "
The Sixth Annual Israeli Apartheid Week 2010." Hooray!!

RELATED: Alan Dershowitz, "Let's Have a Real Apartheid Education Week."


Pat Patterson said...

Well, self-defense classes make sense. It seems more and more one reads about the Canadian immigrant community being attacked by yamukle wearing gangs of yeshiva students. And don't even get me started on the damage those bike riding Mormon missionaries are doing to the psyche of the poor innocent Palestinian masses huddling to be free (Yes I know the only time Canadians huddle is next to a sled dog or Canadian football games.