Sunday, March 7, 2010

Radical Left Abandons Obama!

Hardline leftists glommed onto Barack Obama in 2008, jettisoning genuine revolutionary postulates amid a sensational historical moment: the election of America's first black president. Even the CPUSA endorsed Obama for president.

But after nearly 14 months in office, the radicals are abandoning this administration in droves. Here's this from the International Socialist Review, "
Meet the New Boss":
The escalation of the war by a Democratic administration underscores the necessity, and the opportunity, for building a clearer and more consistent antiwar movement that is independent of both parties and willing to take on both.

It is no longer as easy to make vague appeals to some alleged better nature of American intervention—it has always been about using military might to deter any potential challengers to American power. The “war on terror” was, and continues to be, a pretext to justify the indiscriminate use of that power. It is a pretext, however, that is much harder to sell to the American public more than eight years after 9/11.

The antiwar movement against the war in Afghanistan was always weaker than that against the war in Iraq, mainly because many who opposed the Iraq War accepted the one in Afghanistan as somehow the legitimate “retaliation” for 9/11. That now can and must change. As the war in Afghanistan escalates and intensifies, there is an opportunity to begin building a stronger movement against the war in Afghanistan, one that is based on firmer politics, and independent from both parties of war.
And the ACLU is throwing down the gauntlet (via Memeorandum):

As president, Barack Obama must decide whether he will keep his solemn promise to restore our Constitution and due process, or ignore his vow and continue the Bush-Cheney policies.

Tell President Obama not to back down on his commitment to our justice system, and to try the 9/11 defendants in criminal court.

Remind the world that America stands for due process, justice, and the rule of law.

Normally, I'd just shrug off the ACLU's remarks, but if they're running an ad like this in the New York Times, let's just say Obama's getting thrown under the the bus at this point:

But typically, given their mindless hatred, some lefties are still clinging to distinctions:

Personally, I don't like to equate President Obama with Bush, even in cases like this one. It's too harsh, even if there are similarities. IMHO, Bush is a war criminal, so I reserve comparisons to him for other thugs.
Oh, Obama's doing, what, virtually the exact same thing as the Bush administration (not because he wants to, but for sheer political opportunism)? But only Bush is a "war criminal"?

Yeah. Right.

That's why they call
these idiots "the reality based community." They create their own reality of sheer stupidity.


smitty1e said...

Your ISR quotation found a nerve.

dave in boca said...

The dozens upon dozens of readers of the International Socialist rag will doubtless rise with pitchforks and lanterns to storm the castle where the monster....oops, metaphor slightly askew, but it's fun to see the utlra-left nitwits squirm and once again be tossed into the dustbin of history.

As for the Democrats, they're still Will Rogers party....

Dirk said...

For whatever reason, liberals everywhere are abandoning Obama. Over the past nine months, it has become increasingly difficult to find an Obama/Biden sticker on a car, & to find anyone who admits to having voted for him. Now only about 26% percent of voters strongly approve of the job he is doing.